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10 Things You Should Expect in a Luxury Rental Villa

Renting a luxury villa turns out to be an entirely different experience in comparison to renting a classic hotel or resort room. It will take some research as well as recommendations. However, it will definitely be worth the overall effort. Luxury rental villas are known to be equipped with state-of-the-art amenities that are exclusively designed for delivering access to added comfort and luxury throughout. To deliver a highly unique experience, top-quality luxury villas usually feature amazing staff who are capable of assisting you throughout your stay.

Luxury rental villas and private home rentals are the best alternatives out there to staying at high-end resorts and hotels. As a matter of fact, in addition to personalized services and ample privacy, there are a myriad of facilities or amenities that you get at such rental villas to enhance the overall experience. Let us help you know about the top 10 things you should expect in a luxury rental villa.


Things to Expect in the Best Luxury Rental Villa

The term ‘luxury’ is the one that you can easily come across in the modern travel and hospitality industry. With ample commercialization and advertising, continuous attempts towards gaining your attention might turn out slightly disorienting. When you are in search of a truly luxury rental villa, it might become overwhelming to come across the right location, find the right business to work with, and avail the right types of services or amenities for ample enjoyment.

Moreover, it also becomes quite challenging to unravel which of the wide myriad of claims you should believe. Luxury villas are available in all shapes, sizes, colors, and other variations. However, there are specific basics that any discerning traveller should know about while renting a luxury villa for the holidays. Here are some tips to get access to the best luxury rental villa in any corner of the world:


Types of Villas

As a matter of fact, most luxury property owners out there indeed want the customers to be satisfied and happy. This is because happy guests will be delivering happy reviews. However, in some cases, the customers might not get ample information on the site about amenities or the accommodation. This is because they get lost in transitioning to the tougher terms related to renting a luxury villa.

Usually, the term ‘villa’ indicates a prestigious antique building or a stately manor. However, the term ‘vacation rental’ can indicate any structure that remains independent of other connecting structures.

If you wish to rent an entire property for yourself, then you should make the owner know about it. There will be no other buildings or structures sharing spaces with you.


Types of Service Providers

In most cases, it will not be required to make any emergency contact during your stay in the luxury rental properties. However, in an odd chance in case water or electricity supply goes out, you should know where to reach out. Before reaching the property, you should inquire whether or not there is a 24/7 caretaker in the property for your assistance.

The person should be capable of handling all emergencies. Moreover, a reliable caretaker should also be aware of the local markets, shops, and restaurants to help with planning your overall itineraries.



Extra Services

In most cases, extra services are typically paid for separately. These might not be included in the rental price. However, they can be your determining point when you wish to select a villa. Some of the extra services that you can look out for are the presence of a chef on-hand, bikes, a spa area or sauna, assistance with taxis, and so more.


Things to Expect in a Luxury Rental Villa

Choosing the perfect luxury rental villa mostly involves choosing your stay that especially caters to your specific requirements. It is referred to as ‘luxury’ for a reason. make sure you use a luxury concierge service to cater for your needs. For a truly luxurious and lavish stay at a high-end rental villa, here are top 10 things you should expect in a luxury rental villa:

    Affordable Budget: While choosing any accommodation, the first thing you need to consider is the overall budget. You can think of setting a proper target for your budget on a per night basis. Otherwise, you can also decide the total amount that you wish to spend as a whole. For the best-ever outcomes, you can contact our VIP luxury concierge and our team members will get the right option in front of you.

    Sprawling Size: Once you are done with the budget consideration, it is important to look into the size aspect of the luxury property. It will entirely depend on the total number of people accommodating the property. It also depends on the total number of rooms you wish to book for your vacation. While some villas might have 3 rooms, there are others having a large selection of different types of rooms based on its overall size. Therefore, the decision is crucial.

    Great Ambiance: Irrespective of who you are, there is a specific level of ambiance that you seek in any given property. Do you wish to groove to the music until late at night or relax in the property? Are you searching for a calm and serene atmosphere? Or, do you wish to search for a property where the actual party takes place? The ambiance of the luxury rental villa will play a vital role in determining the amount of comfort and luxury you receive out of the same.

    Dream Destinations: Now that you are aware of the ambiance and the atmosphere the property has to offer, the next step is choosing the right location of the property. The abundance of choice is not just limited to luxury villas, but also locations. You can now come across luxury villas almost anywhere –in any corner of the world. Whether you wish to touch the glorious sands of beautiful beaches or be lost in the wilderness of the forests, you can come across a lavish rental property almost everywhere on earth.

    Bespoke Interior Design: Interior designing is not just about changing the furniture or décor items in the property. Instead, it can be regarded as a holistic approach to the creation of highly functional spaces within the given property. A well-planned and designed luxury villa will feature a design centered around some architectural focal point. Moreover, it might also incorporate the essence of truly relaxing spaces and indulgent textures.The luxury villa might have any lavish style –ranging from Oriental style to that of the Victorian Era. To top it all, high-end home decoration should showcase abundant focus towards highlighting personal style.

    Ultra-Modern Kitchen: The kitchen remains the heart of any home. People having a penchant for high-end, luxury lifestyle will look for a lavish kitchen space wherein they would love to spend time during the holidays. The kitchen should feature high-end modern appliances including double ovens, pre-installed burners, chimneys, and dishwashers. It should also feature a perfect layout for executing your excellent culinary creations in a clutter-free manner.

    A Dedicated Fitness Center: The millennials are becoming fitness-enthusiasts with every passing day. They are used to calculating the calorie intake with every meal while implementing ample workout to burn out the same. Therefore, the presence of an in-house fitness center is a major trend in the luxury villa rental industry. Modern villas are expected to feature a well-equipped fitness center wherein the entire family on vacation can exercise together.

    Luxurious Inside Out: Eco-friendly accommodation is becoming the latest trend in the modern real estate industry. Owners of luxury villas no more crave for royalty. Instead, they search for the fresh vibe of nature and ample greenery throughout the property. Blending the indoor and outdoor elements including the backyard, garden areas, patios, and balconies with living rooms and bedrooms is becoming a major trend in the modern era. Moreover, most homebuyers prefer imitating the look of the interiors outdoors.

    State-of-the-art Technology: Modern folks have undeniably become addicted to cutting-edge technology and its rapid applications. As a matter of fact, it is increasingly difficult for the millennials to spend some time without access to modern technology. As such, smart home appliances and technology are high on demand amongst luxury home owners or buyers. Therefore, luxury villa property owners like including access to high-end technology like smart door locks, TV units, lights, vacuum cleaners, and so more.

    Professional Staff and Services: A luxury villa can never be true luxury until there is the presence of a team of dedicated and well-trained staff for running the facilities. The staff is also responsible for creating the atmosphere of unparalleled relaxation delivering the assurance of an excellent guest experience. A quality villa is expected to be well-staffed with highly trained maids, the villa manager, chefs, housekeepers, gardeners, and handymen.


To make sure that the guests are having the best-ever stay at the sprawling property, the staff should be committed to taking ample care of the property along with the ultimate satisfaction of the guests.



In any given city, you can come across an impressive array of luxury villas featuring great designs and high-end amenities to enhance the guest experience. It is important to look into every possible factor before you rent out a luxury villa of your choice. Hope our 10 things you should expect in a luxury rental villa is of your help.

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