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Hip Hop, DJ


Smart Casuals



Work hours

08:00 PM - 05:00 AM

Queen of Mykonos

Greece, Enoplon Dinameon, Mikonos 846 00, Greece

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Queen of Mykonos Mykonos Bottle Service and VIP Table Booking

Located just steps away from the amazing center of Chora in Mykonos, the Queen of Mykonos nightclub is an ideal setting for enjoying the vibrant nightlife scene as you get to sip your favorite cocktails and relish on the delicious appetizers. The Queen of Mykonos is an exclusive cocktail & champagne bar that serves as a great meeting point to allow its guests to mingle & sip some of the most exotic, inventive cocktails as they get to soak in the modern island vibes of Mykonos.

For those looking for some relaxation and fun time, enjoying the favorite cocktails in the divine atmosphere of the Queen of Mykonos is a great experience. The bar is thus open from the early morning hours. As evening falls, the guests can immerse themselves in the ultimate champagne-drinking experience with endless fun that is guaranteed until the late hours of the morning. Let your unforgettable Mykonos experience begin at this high-end island bar!

Queen of Mykonos Club Information


The Queen of Mykonos is located at the prime Enoplon Dynameon Street in Mykonos, Greece.

Entry fee

You can expect to pay around 30€ to 100€. However, the prices at the high-end bar in Mykonos usually depend on the number of drinks or cocktails that you avail of here. The bar has its reservation of changing the prices for the entry and the drinks at its discretion. Therefore, you can consider booking a table in advance.


The elite guestlist of this nightclub in Mykonos usually consists of those who would love to sip their favorite cocktails & champagnes in a beautifully serene environment. If you are also one of them, you can reach out to us now! We are available on WhatsApp or on call services!

Queen of Mykonos Table Bookings

You can book a table in advance at the beautiful Queen of Mykonos in Mykonos for enjoying an unforgettable experience. You can do so by filling out the online booking form or giving us a call right away! We are also available on WhatsApp! Our excellent 24/7 concierge service also lets you book exclusive VIP tables in advance.

Dress code

For enjoying the serene, sophisticated bar environment of the club, you can expect to dress in smart casual at one of the best nightclubs in Mykonos.

Opening Times

Monday 8:00 pm To 5:00 am
Tuesday 8:00 pm To 5:00 am
Wednesday 8:00 pm To 5:00 am
Thursday 8:00 pm To 5:00 am
Friday 8:00 pm To 5:00 am
Saturday 8:00 pm To 5:00 am
Sunday 8:00 pm To 5:00 am

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No Title

Rated 4 out of 5
March 13, 2022

Overall, the venue had an awesome atmosphere. The bar offered a good variety of drinks but the music was too loud.


No Title

Rated 5 out of 5
March 13, 2022

Amazing! Cool & chic people from all around, enjoy music & beautiful people from all around.


No Title

Rated 5 out of 5
March 13, 2022

This is a nice central bar in Mikonos town. Modern, cozy place with popular music, great for late-night entertainment.


No Title

Rated 5 out of 5
March 13, 2022

You are treated extremely well here. What a great way to celebrate my birthday!



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