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Everything You Need To Know About Booking Private Jet Charters

Since the advent of the global pandemic in 2020, an increasing number of people nowadays prefer flying on a private jet charter. While there has been a decrease in the overall demand in late 2020, there has been a significant bounce back from the industry of private jet charters. It is not just regular consumers who think of coming back. Moreover, there are several new and first-time flyers as well who have joined the pursuit. Here’s everything you need to know about booking private jet charters.

There are specific customers who particularly seek flying on a private jet charter for several reasons –especially health reasons. Additionally, there are reasons related to comfort and time-saving as well. Whatever might be your reason, you should still pay attention to everything you need to know about booking private jet charters. To have the best-ever experience, you can hire our luxury concierge services and book your desired charter on the go.

Why Fly by a Private Jet Charter?

Flying by a private jet charter still remains a major decision for most consumers when compared with other modes of transportation. Still, an increasing number of customers find the upgrade quite worthwhile. Our comprehensive guide to everything you need to know about booking private jet charters helps you in making a reservation for the best-in-class private jet for your purpose.

As you want to know the reason for renting a private jet charter, most individuals have a common answer that it is indeed luxurious. While it might be true, it is still not the only reason to rent a private jet charter. Some more reasons might include:

Saving ample time

Improved safety

Ability to control your own schedule

Ultimate comfort

Flying to new destinations

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned traveller, here is a guide to everything you need to know about booking private jet charters.

Everything you need to know about booking Private Jet Charters.

Typically, the main reason for flying on a private jet charter is the overall time it saves. It can be effectively achieved by scheduling and flying to more destinations.

When you fly private, you are choosing when and where you will be leaving from. There is no restriction on the times as chosen by the airlines. You can fly whenever you want.

Moreover, private jets are also capable of flying to more airports in comparison to commercial airlines. As such, this offers you the opportunity to fly directly to the airports that might be closer to your destination.

Airlines are known to choose routes depending on the overall popularity. However, as your private jet remains a one-off, you can look forward to flying wherever you want. Moreover, private jet charters feature a shorter duration of take-off as well as landing distances in comparison to airliners. This leads to launching an increasing number of airports for flyers of private jet charters.

One of the major reasons for time-saving is the total time spent on the ground. Analyse the last time you travelled to a place on a commercial airline. How much time before did you arrive at the airport for departure? When you rent a private jet charter with us, there is no requirement for this waiting time. You are only expected to arrive 15 minutes before the departure time, and you are good to go!

If you wish to ensure the best-ever experience on a private jet charter, you can hire the expertise of our luxury concierge service providers in different parts of the world.


When it comes to aviation, safety can never be compromised. The main reason why private jets are regarded as safer in comparison to commercial travel is due to the fact that there are fewer travellers on them. Therefore, especially in the COVID-19 era, traveling on a private jet is way safer than going up on a commercial flight with multiple passengers from all parts of the world.

Safety is one of the major reasons why flyers nowadays look forward to booking a private jet charter. With us, you can have information about everything you need to know about booking private jet charters.

Ample Comfort

A major benefit of traveling in a private jet charter is an ample increase in overall comfort. You get access to more space in comparison to flying first-class. The best part is that there are no strangers on board.

On some large-sized private charters, you even get access to lavish bedrooms, shower areas, televisions, and Wi-Fi access. The aircraft features quieter cabins and lower cabin altitudes. You are also capable of controlling the audio, lighting, and temperature of the cabin. The overall comfort and luxury of private jets are truly breathtaking.

Tips to Hire a Private Jet Charter

Always Hire Services from a Professional: It is recommended to trust the professionals and go through the expertise of some professional concierge service provider. We offer reliable concierge services 24/7 to enhance your overall booking experience. With us, you will be given the assistance of a personal charter manager who takes care of the entire journey with unparalleled, personalized support throughout.
In the private charter business, everything is about unmatched luxury and bespoke services. The overall experience is executed flawlessly in all possible aspects. Most importantly, it is made memorable in every possible aspect.

Prepare a List of Your Desires: It is recommended to prepare a dedicated list of desires before you reach out for quotes for private jet charter rental services. Most private jet hire agencies come forth with a live chat screen on the official website featuring specialized customer services. Therefore, they deal with your new inquiries professionally and individually.
It is a great idea to make the most of the initial contact for asking individual questions before you move forward with a quote. Some of the aspects that you should consider are Wi-Fi accessibility, whether or not pets are allowed, what desired menus are made available, a list of the preferred aircraft, and so more.

Book at the Right Time: The most desired time to book a private charter is around 3-4 weeks prior to the departure date. This is because the overall rental rates of private jet charter services might fluctuate. This is because these aircraft models are not working on dedicated chartered routes.
Cost-effective bookings might be the result of the efforts by professional charter managers from our team. These professionals constantly keep monitoring the movements of these charters as per the availability. Therefore, they help in reducing the overall costs by repositioning a plane from one location to another between their jobs. At the same time, it is recommended to remember that ensuring bookings of private jet charters on short notice can turn out to be expensive. Moreover, it might also require credit card payments in full.

Shop Around for Availability and Prices: When you are looking around for the price and availability of private jet charters, you should keep in mind the wish list that you prepared with respect to the luxury and essential requirements. If you have some flexibility, you can look forward to accommodating spaces on a flight with empty legs. You should know that there are some private jet agencies offering access to membership-plans only.

At the same time, there are some individual and corporate rates as well. Some might even feature their own fleet, while others tend to rely completely on privately-owned charters for the services. Whichever agency or service provider you might contact, it is always worthwhile that you inquire about vetting requirements of flight crew and cabin, whether or not they have references from satisfied customers, and safety records.

What Type of Plane to Hire?

The type of plane that you hire for a private jet charter service will depend on the number of people you are traveling with. Some additional factors include the overall route, luggage requirements, and so more.

Specialized private airliners and ultra-long private jets are regarded as perfect for long-distance travel. These are also great for VIP travels and a large group of travellers. These flights are capable of accommodating over 18 passengers at a time. Moreover, there is also the option of a flatbed for sleeping, multi-zone cabin configurations, and lavish bathrooms. Therefore, these aircraft models offer the passengers the overall luxurious feel of an extravagant hotel suite –right in the sky.

On the other hand, if you have a smaller group or traveling shorter distances, the medium-sized private jets are the Citation XLS and the Hawker 900XP. They are capable of accommodating around 8 passengers at a time. Moreover, they feature around 4-5 hours of flying range. They even deliver access to Wi-Fi services for the passengers.


There are several benefits of hiring private jet charter services for a truly luxurious experience. For the best outcomes, it is recommended to choose services from a reliable luxury concierge service provider like our team. We are available 24/7 for your assistance and deliver access to a wide host of specialized services for your luxurious journey up in the sky.

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