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Experience The VIP Way Of Living In Mykonos

Mykonos is regarded as one of the most iconic islands in Greece –both for celebrities and A-listers alike since the time of the late 1960s. What originally used to be a nude beach with hippie population has garnered itself the reputation of a great cosmopolitan destination for international social elite. Celebrities, VIPs, and A-listers from all parts of the world enjoy the likes of some of the scenic places in the island city.

If you feel that your time is here to embrace the ultimate Myconian luxury in all aspects of your life as you visit the Island of the Winds, an experience combining unlimited partying atmosphere with unmatched luxury, then this guide to experience the VIP way of living in Mykonos is for you.

Indeed the most majestic island in Greece with respect to cosmopolitan lifestyle and the overall glamor. Its garnered reputation is growing year by year and celebrities from different parts of the world continue to fly from all over to eagerly feast in the amazing beauty of the scenic panorama of the top islands of Europe. Experience the VIP way of living in Mykonos.

Exploring the True Essence of the Island of the Winds

If you wish to experience the VIP way of living in Mykonos, then you should be aware of its highlights at the same time. Whether this is your first-time or you are confused about planning your entire trip, our professional luxury concierge services in Mykonos can help.

Refined and Luxurious Stays on the Island

Spacious and ultra-chic villas along with sumptuous holiday homes are nicely located in some of the pristine locations all across the island. These villas feature some of the most exotic views of the island along with bespoke design, modern amenities, and high-end aesthetics. Therefore, these luxury villas easily become topmost summer accommodation choices in Mykonos.

Whatever you require your beach house to be, whether it is a peaceful retreat away from the hustle and bustle of Chora or an exciting blend of both the worlds, you will always come across the right luxury residence to enjoy your vacation in Mykonos.

You can simply select the level of privacy you want and choose the ideal location. You can think of leaving your footprints on the private sandy beaches or simply relax by the lavish pool. At the same time, you can also look forward to enjoying the BBQ or a private party or even spend some quality time alone.

If you wish to book a high-end luxury villa in Mykonos, you can contact our team of experienced luxury concierge experts delivering the ease of enjoying your luxury vacation in the island city.

Yacht Chartering and Private Chef Services

Do you wish to treat yourself with an exclusively private dinner experience in the comfort of a luxury residence? When you hire a luxury yacht charter service, it allows you access to a private chef and experienced team of dedicated dining specialists who will be catering to your special needs of the amazing culinary journey in a high-end luxury yacht charter in Mykonos. Our private chefs always come up with highly personalized menus.

Whatever type of gastronomical experience you might be seeking –whether it is an advanced cooking lesson, a BBQ party, closed-circle dinner, or a lavish-themed dinner, or even live dinner at a luxury yacht, you can have it all during your extravagant vacation to Mykonos.

You can take the concept of live cooking a notch higher by enjoying the unique 5-star experience of personalized dining when you are aboard the deluxe yacht charter. Highly skilled and experienced chefs from different parts of the world will come up with a personalized menu as you sail amidst the majestic Aegean Sea.

There are several locations around Mykonos Town or Chora that allow you to anchor your luxury yacht for exploring the beautiful island. For instance, Ornos Bay is a great option. Some of the beautiful beaches that you can come across in the area are Psarrou, Elia Beach, and Kalo Leivadi. Agios Sostis is another amazing bay and features some of the most picturesque restaurants on the island named as Kiki Taverna.

In case you are looking for a full day of intense partying and enjoying, then you can visit Super Paradise as the ultimate destination. Another great location on the island is Nammos Restaurant by the Sea. Here, guests can enjoy scrumptious lunch that will definitely convert your afternoon into partying and dancing throughout.

Luxury Beach Living in Flip Flops

Enjoy the sweet tastes of the intense and glamorous Mykonian beach life from the wide number of options available. Whether you are in search for a laid-back party hotspot for accommodating the young & lively group to luxury bars that are frequented by famous Hollywood stars, crème de la crème, and popular celebrities, you can have it all during your beach life in the famous island city.

You can ensure table and sunbed reservations at the private luxury beaches in the city. When you book luxury concierge services in Mykonos with us, you can personalize the overall range of services as per your preferences. You can also look forward to enjoying VIP access to specialized events or activities that remain open to only a few. You can simply name the high-end party that you wish to attend, and we can make sure that you have reservations for it.

On some of the most beautiful beaches in Mykonos, you can also spot interesting beach bars that help in creating amazing scenery for you to enjoy a relaxing day under the beach sun. You can enjoy the serene beauty of the island right next to the crystal clear waters of the majestic Aegean Sea. This offers a unique appearance to understanding luxury.

In the company of refreshing, signature cocktails and the glimmering sparkle of interesting cocktails prepared by experienced mixologists, you can enjoy the comfort of lavish sunbeds to have a great vacation. When in Mykonos, you can have access to beautiful sunsets, relaxing water elements, and the overall elegance in the heart of the Cycladic heaven.

Caressing Your Senses with Refreshing Body Treatments

In Mykonos, you can come across a number of luxurious spas that invite a perfect blend of contemporary touches and traditional Cycladic architecture. Most of the spa centers feature beautiful marble floors elegantly complemented by locally crafted wood features, natural fabrics, and soft lighting in earthly tones.

All of these elements are tastefully combined for evoking the overall serenity of the island. These centers are renowned for delivering access to signature massages, body treatments, and amazing rituals. You can also come across a myriad of specialized wellness programs as well as holistic therapies specified on particular healing benefits. Some of the exclusive spa journeys through which you can experience the VIP way of living in Mykonos are:

Rituals including de-stressing and detoxification

Personalized programs of highly advanced practices

Yoga-based private sessions under the assistance of experienced yoga practitioners –including guided meditation and breathing exercises

Oil-based massages and energy treatments

Spa services meant for couples

Anti-aging facials

Men-only grooming packages for cleansing the body and reducing the overall stress

Diving into the Cycladic Culture

In addition to intense parties and relaxation, there is a wide range of world-famous cultural events that continue taking place throughout the summer months in the Cycladic island. Whatever your tastes and preferences might be, you will come across an array of high-end events that could perfectly accommodate your cultural agenda. These tend to range from mini festivals by young artists to high-end educational programs, exhibitions, cultural fests, and so more.

As per our suggestion, you should at least once try out the experience offered by the exclusive outdoor theater –Cine Manto in Mykonos. The outdoor theater is situated in the heart of the city and offers an atmospheric summer cinema environment. With this experience, you can go ahead with experiencing a classic movie under the stars with your group or loved ones. Additionally, you can also enjoy bespoke fresh salads, delicious grilled meals, and much more at the adjacent restaurant. Relax as you take a sip of your favorite drink as you continue watching one of the latest releases here.

Exploring the Historic Aspects of the Little Beach Town

Mykonos boasts a rich history. The island was inhabited around 3000 years ago. Moreover, you will come across mentions of the famous Greek town in ancient Greek mythology as well. As such, you will come across references of Mykonos history everywhere around the city. For instance, you can pay a visit to the Little Venice Mykonos –a town from the time of the 18th century that is known for watching the sea. Here, you will come across romantic restaurants by the harbor, colorful terraces, and a series of beautiful boutique shops for a relaxing vacation.


If you wish to experience the VIP way of living in Mykonos, you can take assistance from our professional luxury concierge services in the city. Contact our team now to have the best-ever vacation of your life.

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