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Favorite Gay Bars in New York City

It’s no surprise that many LGBTQ+ bars in New York have been hubs for decades. NYC’s top LGBT pubs span from div taverns to dance clubs, with the Stonewall Inn anchoring them all. The West Village is known for gay nightlife, but you can find something interesting and inviting in almost any corner of the city. You can choose your Favorite Gay Bars in New York City from the list below.

You can see the finest drag acts or cabaret performances, but these queer places offer something different, from warm moods and affordable drinks to high-energy dance and brunch parties, sometimes in the same spot on different days! We’re not here to criticize if your tastes are more fashionable and urbane or more “what happens on the weekends, stays on the weekends.” New York has many of LGBTQ+ activities, but we can help you choose a bar.

Inn Stonewall The modern homosexual rights movement got its start in this NYC gay landmark in 1969. It is well-liked by both tourists and residents; therefore, it is not surprising that the crowd’s age, gender, and location vary. In this homosexual bar, you’ll encounter folks from all around the world. Is Julius’ regarded as the oldest homosexual bar still open in New York City? On a vintage grill, Julius delivers some of the tastiest burgers in addition to beverages. One of the top gay bars in New York City to visit to make wonderful memories is Pieces Bar. Given how diverse the crowd is, it is not surprising that weekends are the busiest times to visit. Rebar is well renowned for its gay Latin parties and “Caliente” ambiance; its patrons are often in the 25–45 age range.

Favorite Gay Bars in New York City


10. New York’s Club Cumming

Favorite Gay Bars in New York City

A fantastic location for the community! A lively, welcoming lesbian pub that is, I believe, the oldest in NYC. Good vibrations are pervasive. A queer human place created by lesbians is called Henrietta Hudson. For 30 years, Henrietta Hudson has not only survived but also thrived. Now, it is starting a dramatic renovation of its storied location. Since it will be some time before jam-packed dance clubs are back in action, we are modifying and switching our concept from a packed nightclub to a large, airy lounge where the neighbourhood may congregate in safety.

Lisa Cannistraci sought shelter in a little pub in the west village on a wet night in 1985. She said that she was looking for a job while conversing with the bartenders, and was immediately employed. When the original Cubby Hole closed after five years of operation, Lisa and Minnie Rivera opened Henrietta Hudson. Lesbians essentially built the bar from scratch using free labour, resources, and donated boom boxes.

9. The Cock New York

Favorite Gay Bars in New York City

Despite having the appearance of a dive bar, this one has a charming vibe. Good drinks are offered at fair prices at the bar, and patrons are handled with respect. When you’re horny and inebriated at the end of the night, this establishment is the epitome of convenience. In late 2015, The Cock—once referred to be “the last filthy homosexual bar in New York”—moved to No. 93.

8. New York’s Cubbyhole Bar

What a charming, traditional, and friendly lesbian bar with a great happy hour!

Since 1994, Cubbyhole Bar has provided services to the LBGTQ+ Community of NYC and their allies. The Cubbyhole is a popular LBGTQ hangout that welcomes everyone to enjoy themselves, make new friends, and catch up with old ones while listening to music on their renowned jukebox. Excellent bartenders and a nice atmosphere. Most visitors enjoy their time here. The clientele is a good mix of largely lesbians, a few gay men, a few straight people, and a small but incredibly stylish trans population. From Monday through Friday from 4 PM to 7 PM and on Saturday from 2 PM to 6 PM, Cubbyhole Bar offers happy hour promotions.

People love returning because of the fantastic service, terrific jukebox, new and innovative outdoor seating concept, crazy ceiling décor, and some of the finest drink specials and happy hour in the city. The fusion bar in New York’s West Village, Cubby, always has a good time and a cozy vibe. Beautiful setting, friendly bartenders, affordable drinks, and a fun crowd. In all of New York City, this location is arguably a favourite. This all-cash bar, which caters primarily to LGBT women, is a vibrant hub for networking and culture. The interior design is unique but fun, providing cozy spaces to drink, savour, and enjoy. The bartenders are attentive and the drinks are decently priced.


7. Business Bar

Favorite Gay Bars in New York City

The reopening of the sector has shown why it has long been a mainstay in HK. The place has excellent service, fantastic music, strong drinks, and they strictly follow all COVID rules. Industry should be at the top of your list if you and your buddies are searching for a fantastic night out. With a gorgeous queen at the door and all the movies, Industry Bar feels like the good old industry entertainment evenings despite its adorable restaurant-style decor. Not at much crowded, but they check the temperatures, and it feels really secure.

6. Rise Bar New York

Rise is a fantastic gay bar with amazing drag shows, live musical nights, lively classy DJs, a fun-filled and relaxed atmosphere, amazingly attentive and quick service by great friendly staff, pub games, reasonably priced tasty drinks, friendly bartenders, a large wine list, stylish decor, comfortable seating, big TVs, fun crowd, fabulous drag shows with stunning drag queens, late-night menu, free WI-FI, freshly served delicious food, free buffet, live sports, and cr

5. Nowhere New York

Favorite Gay Bars in New York City

You had better be referring to the bar if you claim to be going “nowhere” this weekend. Nowhere, despite its modest name, makes the dank and dismal surroundings appealing. You must visit this place since it has reasonable drink prices, fantastic music, and a brand-new pool table. Nowhere is a welcoming, roomy bar with a low, intimate ceiling that draws in audiences without attitude. Gay men, women, genderqueers, and anyone else who doesn’t care for labels can be found there. While DJs get the crowd moving on an impromptu dance floor to a variety of disco, rock, new wave, and whatever else they feel like spinning, TV screens show artistic videos and unconventional erotica.


4. New York’s Toolbox Bar

The Toolbox Pub is a fantastic, enjoyable, and neighborhood gay bar on the Upper East Side. The Toolbox is a neighborhood gay pub that welcomes everyone and offers happy hour specials to the locals. The Tool Box will be just up your alley if you’re seeking variety, no attitude, and a clique-free environment. A variety of well-liked events are held at The Toolbox, including drag shows, karaoke, bingo, and other live entertainment. Your neighborhood LGBT pub, The Tool Box, offers live performances and happy hour promotions. The bar area offers six TVs, one of which is a huge screen, video games, and soft lighting. Although they mostly play sports, they can broadcast anything you ask for, including music videos and explicit movies.

3. New York Hardware

Favorite Gay Bars in New York City

In Hell’s Kitchen, Hardware is undoubtedly the best homosexual bar.

In New York City’s Hell’s Kitchen area, Hardware Bar is a popular bar and lounge with an award-winning custom design that was inspired by the former hardware store it now occupies.

A decent homosexual bar. I’ve never encountered a rude bartender, and they have fantastic happy hour offers. On weekends, it can get quite crowded there. The bar’s interior is rather cramped, making it challenging to access the rear or locate a position to enter and place an order. They will watch some entertaining movies and videos on their TVs.

2. New York’s Phoenix Bar

Phoenix Bar is sophisticated, laid-back, and divey.

The Bar, which opened as The Bar in 1999, burned down, leaving the popular dive bar in ruins. The Phoenix sprung from the ashes. The Phoenix has a long history of serving a broad and fashionable clientele and has established itself as a gay landmark in the east village. Life is full of change, and The Phoenix has not shied away from its own development.

The Phoenix has never shut its mind after opening its door, winning honours for having the greatest jukebox in the city, hosting parties for fashion insiders, and even serving as a quality performance space. The pub has changed from being a “go-to dive” to a “be seen at destination” thanks to new management and a remodelled décor. The pub has endured blackouts, hurricanes, and other catastrophes while attempting to serve a neighborhood and community that are more important to it than the potent beverages that are served every night.

1. The New York Townhouse

Favorite Gay Bars in New York City

The most upscale homosexual bar in New York is The Townhouse Bar. It’s one of the most NYC experiences you could have. The best performers are playing nighty here! An elegant gay men’s bar with excellent music, live entertainment, and delectable inexpensive cocktails is called The Townhouse of New York. While a jacket is not necessary, please dress to impress as the majority of the after-work crowd is wearing suits and blazers. For more than 25 years, this upscale homosexual bar has been the centre of the LGBT community in New York.


Everyone is welcomed to Rise bar thanks to its chic atmosphere. With their event evenings, you can truly stop by any day of the week and have a blast. One of the most distinctive places is Flaming Saddles, a gay pub with a wild-west motif where country music and homosexual dance parties collide. The bartenders frequently jump up on the bar top and dance to a range of top 40 and country tunes. Upstairs at Ritz Bar and Lounge, the dance floor is crowded. Although there is a more diverse population, everyone seems to be having a great time. To know more about Favorite Gay Bars in New York City please contact our concierge service.


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