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Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Marbella Available For Rental

Whether you are a group of friends or a family, or a couple heading to the sunny coasts of the Costa de Sol, you need to know about the best luxury villas in Marbella available for rent. In this guide to the best luxury villas in Marbella available for rental, we will help you with in-depth information.

Receiving around 300 days of sunshine throughout the year, the beachside town of Marbella draws the attention of sun-lovers who find delight in scenic beaches, happening nightlife, and culinary experiences in the most famous town of Costa de Sol.

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Marbella

You can come across some of the best beach clubs, golf courses, and enjoyable weather to enhance your vacation. Marbella is, therefore, capable of attracting visitors from all around. For the best-ever fun and relaxation, you can hire our luxury concierge services to take care of your entire holiday.

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Marbella Available For Rental

Marbella’s position on Andalucia’s coastline is a major attraction. If you do not prefer being put while on vacation and wish to be under the skin of the travel destination, then Marbella serves to be your perfect holiday getaway. Here, in addition to its scenic beaches, you also get to explore the culturally-rich area of Andalucia.

If you have itchy feet, you can look forward to undertaking a wide range of day trips to famous places like Cordoba, White Villages of Andalucia, and Seville. If you stay in the vicinity of Malaga, it can deliver an opportunity to be a part of the road trip across Andalucia. Therefore, Marbella truly serves to be a destination if you are considering a trip to southern Malaga. One of the best ways to enjoy your vacation in Marbella is by hiring rental accommodation in the form of a luxury villa. Let us help you through the guide to the best luxury villas in Marbella available for rental.

If you wish to have an unmatched vacation in Marbella, here are some reasons to book a luxury villa in the beautiful beach city:

Ideal for Groups

There is no denying the fact that a private luxury villa serves to be more convenient in comparison to a hotel for large groups or families. When you book a holiday villa, it will deliver the assurance that all of you remain under a single roof wherein rooms remain close to each other. Moreover, you will have access to communal areas to enjoy your vacation. One more thing to consider while renting a villa is that you get more value for money.

All Services Under One Roof

If you are a close group of friends or family going away on holiday, luxury villas offer you access to a wide range of amenities –all under a single roof. Most of the rental villas in Marbella are situated along the hills of Nueva Andalucia. Therefore, guests are offered a private and exclusive experience –away from the hustle & bustle of the main city.

When you hire luxury concierge services from us, you can get all services and experiences in the villa itself. Right from access to a private pool to a dedicated gym area, theatres, and even spa rooms –you can get it all in a single property.

Close to Amenities

Are you in search of a property that is close to all the major amenities in the region? Do you wish to be within walking distance of the most famous landmarks of the city? In Marbella, you can come across a myriad of luxury villas that are located close to the Nueva Andalucia region. You can also come across luxury rental villas that are close to restaurants, famous bars, intense nightlife, the beach, and shopping destinations.

Top Luxury Villas in Marbella for Rent

In this guide to the best luxury villas in Marbella available for rental, let us unfold some of the best luxury villa properties in the beach city for your relaxation:

1. Puesta del sol

In terms of the most luxury villas in Marbella, this villa stands on the top of the list. The luxury house is equipped with all the high-end amenities you can imagine. There is the presence of not one, but two lavish swimming pools. Moreover, there is also the presence of an indoor hot tub along with a dedicated fitness centre.

From the luxurious villa featuring a lavish infinity pool, you get to experience some of the most panoramic views from the rooftop terrace of the property. The villa is located slightly outside the heart of the city in an elevated position. Therefore, you will get access to a quieter and serene location while also receiving all high-end amenities.

The owners of the property can arrange luxury car transfers, a private chef, and a maid to enhance your overall experience. If you wish to be a part of the grandeur the property has to offer, you can leverage our private luxury concierge services that are available 24/7. We will take care of your experience –right from booking to providing specialized services.

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Marbella

2. Lily Leaf

Are you an art lover? Then, you are going to love the interiors of this lavish property situated in Marbella, Spain. The property is set amidst the beauty of lush green gardens and elegance all around. The luxury rental is regarded as the ideal property for families and small groups who wish to enjoy easy access to the hot spots of the city. Here, you can also enjoy some privacy in a serene location.

Even when the interiors of the property are elegantly designed, the chances are that you would like to spend a majority of your time outdoors. The outdoor spaces of the high-end property have been designed to allow you to have a great relaxing time. There is the presence of a private pool area along with outdoor showers and sun loungers. There is also a comfortable and attractive outdoor lounge area.

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Marbella

3. Benty Luxury Villa

Situated in a prime location in the heart of the city, the stunning villa serves to be a perfect option for a small group seeking utmost luxury and relaxation. The amazing vacation holiday home is perfectly suitable for those on a multi-generational trip. The cozy villa boasts wonderful mountain views for delivering access to a relaxing and enjoyable holiday.

The entire property is surrounded by lush green garden areas. Therefore, you can be assured of being in a private and quiet area. Still, you can think of walking down to the Old Town of Marbella and visiting some of its famous dining restaurants and golden sand beaches in a matter of 10-20 minutes.

4. The Waterfront

You can pause for a moment and indulge in the extravagance the property has to offer through the bubbling water of the hot Jacuzzi. The best part is that you can get panoramic views of the entire sea ahead from the Jacuzzi. The property is available as a high-end, luxury apartment for accommodating a smaller group comfortably.

If you are in search of a frontline villa offering direct access to the beach, this apartment property is your perfect option. Featuring a generous living area coupled with the elegance of the sprawling outdoor space, this property is complete with comfy lounge chairs for ultimate relaxation. Here, you are also close to local restaurants, shops, and tapas bars.

5. Villa Indica

It is a great choice for a small group of friends or family. If you are seeking a luxury property in Puerto Banus, it is the perfect option. The modern villa has been set in a subtropical garden area boasting the presence of a lavish pool. With just a minute walk from the villa, you can reach the sandy beaches of the impressive coastline. Running alongside the beautiful town of Puerto Banus.

Featuring sleek and expansive interiors, a major part of the villa’s interiors feature marble floors. This allows you to cool down on a hot, summer tropical day. As the villa is quite spacious, there is the presence of several rooms wherein you can seek quietness and serenity.

6. Villa Genrosa

Situated along the most beautiful hills of Sotogrande Alto, the villa offers infinite views of the spectacular Mediterranean. The villa was designed by the famous international architectural firm ARK. The villa is available for shorter events and seasons. The entire villa is distributed across three distinct levels along with an infinity garden area over Sotogrande. There is the presence of a garden area offering ample privacy.

Some of the exclusive room features in the property include a basement, the first floor with a large entrance hall and a kitchen area. A dedicated living room, a private terrace, and the second floor area have 4 spacious bedrooms and large bathrooms.


Hire our luxury concierge services now to get the most of your vacation in Marbella, Spain. We hope this guide to the best luxury villas in Marbella available for rental helps you find the best-ever property of your choice.


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