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Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Mykonos Available For Rental

Are you planning to pay a visit to Mykonos in Greece anytime soon? Staying in a luxury villa is a great option if you wish to avoid the hustle and bustle of the happening city while enjoying ample privacy and relaxation throughout. Whether you are traveling in a group or visiting the city as a couple, staying at a high-end villa in Mykonos is a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We have come forth with the guide to the best luxury villas in Mykonos available for rental. Check our Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Mykonos Available For Rental.

The island of Mykonos remains synonymous with the term ‘cosmopolitan.’ In this beautiful travel destination, you will come across intense night-time entertainment coupled with scenic beaches and lavish villas all around the beach city. The fame of the popular Greek island is widespread across the globe. To top it all, every year, you will come across celebrities from all parts of the world visiting this beach heaven in a magical setting. Along with its strikingly blue waters and white sandy beaches, Mykonos blends picturesque destinations and some of the most wonderful settlements for guests.

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Mykonos Available For Rental

Why stay at the best villas in Mykonos?

The island of Mykonos has an abundance of a number of high-end villas and holiday homes delivering utmost comfort and luxury to the guests. While you might come across some villas located right across the seafront, there are others that might be further away from the sea and crowd. You can hire our private concierge services for the best-ever experience of your vacation.

When you are visiting Mykonos, the best option for extravagant accommodation is staying at a private luxury villa available for rent. Here is our guide to the best luxury villas in Mykonos available for rental.

Ample Privacy: One of the major advantages of staying at a private luxury villa in Mykonos is that you get access to ample privacy throughout. You get to be in your own space. Therefore, it feels like a home away from home. Whether you wish to spend some time on your own or achieve a peaceful state of mind, the privacy offered by a lavish villa is something you will enjoy and adore.
When you have access to privacy, it also implies that you can enjoy the tranquillity of the entire space. It is a great idea if you simply wish to unwind yourself in serenity or have a small gathering with friends and close ones.

Access to Private Pool: Another interesting feature of most of the private villas in Mykonos is that they offer access to a private pool area. Most of the villas on the island have a lavish pool area for their guests. This allows you to enjoy your vacation either by the pool or the beach. Unlike hotels and other public resorts, you will have individual access to the pool area when you live in a rental luxury villa in Mykonos.
No one else but your family and friends get to use the pool area. It is a great concept for ensuring maximum privacy as well.

Quite Spacious: Villas are known to be large properties. Some of the villas in Mykonos are even capable of accommodating as many as 10 guests at a time. Therefore, if you are visiting Mykonos with a group of friends or other family members, renting a private villa in the region is a great choice. For the best-ever stay in Mykonos, you can hire our private luxury concierge services.

Higher Level of Security: Most luxury villas in Mykonos are located in private estates. This implies that the overall level of security in these properties is quite high.

Ample Facilities: Private holiday homes or villas are often available with a wide range of amenities –right from everyday comforts (including laundry facilities, access to kitchen, Wi-Fi access, and so more) to exclusive luxuries (including access to infinity pools, presence of home theatres, entertainment rooms, and so more).

Local Experience: In addition to being adorned and decorated stylishly with intricate details, Mykonos luxury villas for rent are meticulously designed to blend seamlessly with the environment. Moreover, these villas are also known to adopt several elements of the conventional Cycladic architecture. This offers the guests here a truly Mykonian feel –much better than a typical hotel room.

There are several benefits of booking a rental villa in Mykonos for your stay.


Top Luxury Villas in Mykonos for Rent

Mykonos is situated on the Aegean Sea –between Greece and Turkey. It counts Naxos and Santorini as its neighbours. As a part of the island cluster forming the Cyclades, Mykonos is renowned for delivering multiple days of warm sun, crystal clear sea waters, sandy beaches, and endless fun.

If you plan on visiting this mesmerizing beach city and enjoying its glory, you can book a luxury villa in Mykonos. Here are some of your top-class options:

Villa Fantasy, Kalafatis

The amazing Fantasy Villa can be truly imagined as a fantasy destination to stay at when you are visiting Mykonos. The entire villa spans an area of around 220 sq. meters. It is a beautiful villa that overlooks the scenic bay of Kalafatis. The villa features a lovely terrace along with a lavish infinity pool for delivering an ultimate sense of unmatched leisure and luxury.

The entire villa features a minimalist design on the interiors. Here, you can come across clean lines accentuating the bright walls of the residence. There is ample focus on delivering stunning views all around to the guests.

There are four bedrooms –each featuring its own bathroom and terrace area. Villa Fantasy also emphasizes the protection of the privacy of the guests. It offers a unique view of the entire island for achieving a truly glamorous experience.

Villa Dove, Mykonos Town

One of the most striking features of this property is its prime location –right in the heart of the Mykonos town. It is one of the most luxurious villas in the city that aims at retaining the classic architectural style of the city. To ensure the same, the entire property is painted with white hues of the Cycladic architecture while being decorated with a stunningly paved courtyard.

There is the presence of a hidden oasis next to the villa offering access to the refreshing sea breeze, unparalleled beauty of the windmills in Mykonos, and the scent of fresh tropical flowers. You can enjoy the luxurious living room of the villa while taking in breathtaking views of the majestic Aegean Sea ahead.

Villa Amelie, Kalo Livadi

The luxurious villa is located in the Kalo Livadi area of the city. From here, the port of the island city, as well as the airport, is quite close. At the villa, there is the presence of as many as three infinity pools along with wonderful views of the sea ahead. The villa is committed to offering all possible levels of comfort within its sprawling area of 700 sq. meters. Within this impressive area, you can come across a myriad of amenities to enhance your overall stay.

The neighboring areas of the villa offer access to bespoke views of the Aegean Sea. If you are fond of water sports, the popular beaches in Kalo Livadi will offer you access to the same. The beautiful villa has as many as 11 bedrooms –all featuring private bathrooms.

Villa Nefeli, Agios Lazaros

The villa takes its name from the Goddess of Hospitality and Winds. Villa Nefeli is a unique and exclusive villa or holiday home. The property has been constructed on top of a rock. Therefore, it offers its privileged guests an opportunity to witness the unmatched beauty of the Aegean Sea. From the villa, you can enjoy magical views of the sunset along with crystal clear waters of the sea and contemporary aesthetics all around.

There are six luxurious bedrooms along with an airy living room and a state-of-the-art kitchen area. Villa Nefeli is one of the rental accommodations in Mykonos that deliver ample refuge to you and your loved ones. It will deliver you some of the most unforgettable moments of your life –away from the madness of the main city.

Villa Blue Radiance, Pouli

The villa is situated in one of the most sought-after destinations on Mykonos –the south-western area. Here, you will witness the beautiful sunsets warming up your face and impressing you with magnificent views of the islands of Rhenia and Delos. The outdoor space of the villa will allow you to enjoy bespoke views of the Aegean Sea in its full glory.

You can also think of cooling off in one of the infinity pools in the villa. It delivers the best-ever summer experience during your vacation. On the interiors of the luxurious villa for rent, you will come across lavish 7 bedrooms along with extra sleeping areas for your guests. The entire villa offers a capacity of around 14 people at a time.


Holidays in Mykonos are truly an exceptional experience once you select the right rental luxury villas in the beach town. When you do so, it will turn into a vacation experience that you will never forget in life. Therefore, you should book the right property as soon as you get a chance for it. You can also search for luxury concierge services in Mykonos to deliver you assistance with the booking process. Here is our guide to the best luxury villas in Mykonos available for rental.

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