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How To Book Your Private Yacht In Mykonos?

Mykonos is renowned for being one of the popular Greek islands. Moreover, the island is also famous for its thriving nightlife attracting stars and artists from all corners of the world. The main town of Mykonos is referred to as Mykonos. In some cases, it is also known as Choras –implying town in Greek. If you are in search of a luxury yacht charter service in Mykonos, you can hire our luxury concierge services.

Mykonos is an island situated in the Cyclades. It is a group of scenic islands in Greece that lies southeast across the mainland in the beautiful Aegean Sea. Mykonos has garnered itself the nickname –The Island of the Winds. It serves to be a perfect destination for all who wish to take up a sailing holiday. This will convince you to enjoy a spectacular luxury yacht experience in the island city. We will help you know how to book your private yacht in Mykonos.


Exploring Mykonos with Your Dream Yacht

Mykonos is also known as the Wind Island. It derives its name due to strong winds that are prevalent during the summer season. It is a magnificent island with amazing beaches and an exclusive landscape featuring raw beauty. Due to its immense beauty, the island is worth-exploring on a luxury yacht with mesmerizing windmills in the background.

When you take up a boating or yacht chartering trip on the island, you have the opportunity to bask in the beautiful Mediterranean sun on some of the scenic remote beaches like Merkaria and Phocos. This experience allows you to be away from the hustle and bustle of the main city with crowds flocking the island during the summer season. You can also visit the nearby beautiful islands in the Cyclades like the picturesque Naxos and beautiful Paros.

Situated quite close to the main city, there is the presence of an uninhabited island of Delos. It serves as the real gem that epitomizes the unmatched allure of Ancient Greece and its unique architecture. You can explore all such gems and beauties with the help of booking a luxury yacht charter in Mykonos.


What Can You See in a Luxury Yacht Charter in & around Mykonos?

Mykonos is just one of the beautiful islands in the world-famous Cyclades. You can think of sailing to other islands as well from Mykonos on your luxury yacht charter rental. For the best outcomes, you can book a luxury yacht rental with the help of our concierge services in Mykonos. Some of the popular sailing destinations in the Cyclades are:








As you enter the marina on the lavish yacht and step onto the land, you will come across a high-end island that bursts with immense culture and history. Moreover, there are several ways to help you spend your time lavishly on the scenic islands. The experts recommend spending your morning in Chora when you are visiting this town –the main town of Mykonos. This is because you will be protected from the harshness of the midday sun while also avoiding the crowds at the same time.

After this, can you think of heading to the famous lighthouses in the region? Ensure that you are paying a visit to the Little Venice as well featuring seafront houses that are vibrantly colored. Most of the seafront houses are owned by bars and restaurants. If you wish to experience this beauty, you can think of booking a table in advance if you plan on eating in the evening. This is wherein our professional concierge services come in.

If you also fancy soaking in some beautiful sun, then you can head to Agrari Beach or the Paradise Beach. However, when you are in Mykonos, ensure that you are trying out some local seafood.



What is Included in the Yacht Charter in Mykonos?

Yacht charters in Mykonos will vary depending on several factors –including the price of the yacht charter, time duration, and the boat type. If you wish to have a sailing license, bareboat yacht charters are available. On the other hand, if you are not getting any license, then you can hire a luxury yacht available with a skipper and also a dedicated crew. It is completely normal to hire a luxury boat by some reliable yacht service provider including a captain. This allows you to tour through the mesmerizing waters while enjoying additional amenities including the diving equipment, wakeboards, jet skis, and so more.


Charter Itineraries in Mykonos

Some of the famous destinations in & around Mykonos to visit on the luxury yacht charters including some of the famous Cycladic destinations –including Naxos and Santorini. Mykonos is also a famous summer destination for top-class yacht charters. When you plan at booking a yacht charter in Mykonos, here are some points to consider:

Good Vessel: Which type of yacht model do you wish to hire? Based on the number of guests, friends or families, age category, family vacation, or special events, every detail can help people to plan out in finding the best vessel for your vacation.

Amazing Crew: A skilled and professional crew working with each other harmoniously as a team can offer the guarantee that you enjoy a safe and fun-filled cruise.

Amazing Destination: Another important thing is a sunny and stable climate featuring beautiful landscape to enjoy the cruise.

Good Company: You can have the best time when you are in the company of loved ones. This allows you to enjoy the dreamy experience.


Why Book Your Luxury Yacht Charter in Mykonos?

There is no better way to experience the beauty of the mesmerizing Greek island than on a classic yacht charter. You get to soak up the best-in-class Greek culture while sampling the conventional Greek cuisines, relaxing and sunbathing on boat, enjoying water activities, VIP nightclubs, and table reservations like a celebrity. It is a great experience to spend the summer season with your loved ones while relishing on an unforgettable holiday. You can plan out your yacht charter vacation today with us.


Over 6,000 Destinations to Explore

With the presence of over 6,000 islands and more than 13,000 km of impressive coastline, Greece has a large number of destinations for enjoying luxury yacht holidays. Beaches stretch over several kilometers, coves and sheltered bays, sandy beaches, coastal caves featuring steep rocks, pebble beaches, coastal wetlands, and so more –you can enjoy it all on an extravagant yacht charter that you hire in Mykonos.

You can luxuriate every high-end beach in every destination of the Cycladic range. It is possible to discover them on a private yacht charter.


Immense Luxury, Privacy, and Flexibility

If you wish to experience the luxury Aegean summer –away from the main crowds, you can think of immersing yourself in immense tranquility. In such a case, a private yacht charter in Mykonos is your go-to solution. With a yacht charter, you are able to schedule your vacation just like you had dreamt of it. You can think of relaxing on the deck or exploring the hidden side of the beautiful place. You can also dine gazing at the golden sunset of Mykonos or swim across the crystal-clear blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

When you charter a crewed vessel, it offers you access to a peaceful trip with limitless opportunities –with the overall amenities and comforts of a luxury property.


Yacht Concierge

When you hire yacht concierge services in Mykonos from us, we will be available for your assistance 24/7. We also help in covering all your last-minute requests with respect to hiring a luxury yacht charter in the city. High-end transportation and luxury accommodation, access to top-class beachside restaurant reservations, the finest restaurants, VIP nightlife, or private events. A luxury concierge service provider is capable of organizing your perfect yachting holiday delivering access to the highest level of first-class, personal services across all locations.


Mediterranean and Greek Cuisines

Greek cuisines are famous for the healthy, hearty meals along with the use of deliciously fresh products. You can think of relishing on the mouth watering cuisines of the Greek culture when you are on board a private yacht. Do try out dishes that are based on original recipes and adjust properly to the Greek culture and taste philosophy.

You can also go ahead with indulging your palate with scrumptious island food. In Mykonos, you get the opportunity to savor local and traditional dishes. It will turn out to be an intense tasting experience with top-quality dishes that you might not have ever tried before.


Water Sports

Greece is also regarded as a great destination for adventure-seekers. Mykonos offers access to endless water-sports activities including sailing, kayaking, kitesurfing, windsurfing, and so more. Mykonos is the perfect seashore destination for all your enjoyable activities. With a private yacht charter, every island in Greece has a different type of extreme entertainment for you.



For a luxurious vacation time in Mykonos, you can hire a private yacht charter well in advance. Make the most of your holidays in a luxury yacht across the waters of the Mediterranean. To learn more about How To Book Your Private Yacht In Mykonos contact our concierge service.



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