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Los Angeles Clubs That Play House Music

LA nightclubs provide something for everyone. EDM is one area, and seductive blues is another. Salsa clubs, ballroom dance, live bands, and DJs. Shake your booty, dance the Cha Cha, or just bounce to the beat in almost every area. If you want to party with celebrities, head to West Hollywood or Hollywood clubs. Check out this list of Los Angeles Clubs That Play House Music and you’ll find one that makes you want to dance the night away.

Los Angeles Clubs That Play House Music

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Some of Los Angeles‘ finest House Music clubs are Sound Nightclub, Station 1640, Elevate Lounge, Cicada Club, and Los Globos. The best clubs in the city have brought everything that makes the city renowned! These best-ever clubs keep the city lively at night. People come here from all over the world to have the best times! House music just puts you in a good mood because to its constant four on the floor rhythm and 130 beats per minute tempo. You may dance all night long at the live performances by the most well-known DJs and musicians in the world!

1. Nightclub Sound

Los Angeles Clubs That Play House Music

Sound Nightclub, which is situated at 1642 North Las Palmas Avenue, is the epitome of splendor. Would you like to have too much fun? When there is Sound Nightclub, don’t look elsewhere. You must tell your friends about this wonderful location. Anyone wishing to experience a fantastic weekend or weekends will find all they need at Sound nightclub to rock and sway their weekend evenings.

2. Station1640

For party animals, a nightclub that offers it all and is open every day of the week is like a dream come true. If you enjoy having fun, Station 1640 is what you’ve been looking for. There is only one place to get the excess of fun: Station 1640. In Los Angeles, Station 1640 is located along the Cahuenga Corridor. You can bring your car to Station 1640 at any time of the week, weekend or not. Because we leave our gates open every night and have a great deal of sympathy for all of you.

3. Elevate Lounge

Elevate Lounge, perched above the 21st floor in the middle of Downtown Los Angeles, is the place to be for those who believe that class and fun can coexist. The atmosphere here is one of opulence. Similar to the vibe of Elevate Lounge, a night out here would be unlike any other. An abundance of creativity may be found in this area.

4. Cicada Club

The best way to start the most fun nights is at Cicada Club. The best place in town for people who like to do things in a retro way is Cicada. If you think the same way about how to party, you have to go to this place where you can travel through time. The Cicada Club is a place that makes you feel like 1928 has been frozen in time. We bet that you will forget you are in the twenty-first century when you are in the art deco atmosphere of the Cicada club.

5. Globos, Los

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If they want to have some genuine fun, you have to tell them about Los Globos,’ you say. In the center of Los Angeles‘ renowned Silverlake area, on Sunset Boulevard. Anyone in the city can go to Los Globos because to its convenient location. Arts and entertainment are very important to this community. And the Los Globos nightclub’s whole interior exudes this enthusiasm. You can expect a vibrant, alluring, and fun atmosphere at a Los Globos nightclub. Join the wild fun happening here only to make your night amazing.


To dance wildly, all you need is a great pair of buttocks. A superb club environment is created by the best and most modern sound and lighting equipment. The music is still being enjoyed by partygoers and clubbers of all ages far into the early hours of the morning. What are you still waiting for? To have the time of your life, just dash to one of the aforementioned great House Music clubs! You only need to be youthful at heart, regardless of your age! We hope everything turns out well for you there! For more information about Los Angeles Clubs that Play House Music contact our Concierge. Best of luck!

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