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Mynt Lounge Miami Drinks Menu Prices

The Mynt Lounge is located at the famous South Beach in Miami and serves to be a staple in terms of up-scale nightlife experience in the city. The Mynt Lounge club cum lounge area in Miami has garnered the repute of attracting high-end celebrity elites and high rollers from all around. The club is frequented by some of the world-famous celebrities including Paris Hilton and others. In addition to this, the club also boasts the presence of world-class DJs from different areas of the world. The Mynt Lounge club cum lounge area in Miami is complete with the specialized 40-foot bar area housing exotic drinks and cocktails from all around. You will also be spellbound by its unique aromatherapy in the club.

Mynt Lounge Miami Drinks Menu

How much is the drink services minimum spends at Mynt Lounge, Miami?

If you are looking forward to having a great time at the Mynt Lounge in Miami, you can avail its exclusive bottle services. Typically, you can consider spending around $500 for the drinks as the minimum spends here. However, the prices of the drinks are subject to changes from time to time. Depending on the total number of guests, the given night or event in the club, talent spinning, and availability, you can expect the minimum spends to vary sometimes.

How much is the drink price at Mynt Lounge, Miami?

As far as the overall drink prices at the Mynt Lounge are concerned, they are priced moderately. You can consider spending around $500 to $700 for the typical alcohol bottles. It is also important to note that the drink prices might vary at certain instances.

Mynt Lounge Miami Drinks Menu

How Can I book bottle services at Mynt Lounge, Miami?

You can avail the exclusive bottle services at the Mynt Lounge in Miami by filling up the online booking form. You can also reach out to us!

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