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New York’s Top 7 Dive Bars

NYC’s underground is good. Prohibition-themed bars. Alleyways. Garden secrets. Underground, literally. But sometimes you want to soar above it all, drinking bubbly drinks amid the clouds like a fancy bird with an expense account. You’re seeking inspiration. If you are looking for New York Top Dive Bars then this article is for you.

The enormous city has also expanded higher. Like treehouses with cover charges, many amazing restaurants and bars are in the air. These rooftop bars include party spots, Instagram-ready beach terraces, and New York throwbacks. Each offers drinks, a view, and a high.

New York Top Dive Bars

The fact that none of the locations on this map are competing for the label of “best dive bar” or superior to others makes it difficult to describe them as the “best” or superior to others. Here is a list of some of Eater’s favorite dive bars in New York, along with a description of what makes each one unique.

7. New York’s Canal Bar

New York Top Dive Bars

Hip dance club and popular hangout. This is where New York comes to play, pauses, and decompresses, from concerts and shows to private parties and business functions. Drinks at this rockabilly bar are as poisonous as the surrounding Gowanus Canal. Rocker types, locals, and pool sharks who are as colorful as the quirky, chaotic decor are served domestic brews and Herculean shots of cheap whiskey by surly, busy bartenders. Vintage beer signs and deer heads coexist alongside a black-and-white TV playing JFK-era advertisements, while a jukebox plays mix CDs of funk, soul, and punk made by regulars. My home away from home is here. Great fun, has great people and has great rates. Additionally, it is ideally situated for Union Street’s Carol Gardens to Park Slope walk.

6.New York’s Rudy’s Bar & Grill

The top dive bar in New York City is without a doubt this one. Since 1933, Rudy’s Bar & Grill has been a storied dive bar in NYC. The name of the first proprietors, the Rudy family, is carved down the center of the original wood door to Rudy’s, the most well-known dive bar. When prohibition ended in 1933, Rudy’s received one of the first liquor licenses in New York. The hot dogs are free, and the drinks are inexpensive (even famed chef Anthony Bourdain has eaten a few). For its renowned jazz and blues repertoire, Rudy’s was chosen by Rolling Stone as the city’s Best Jukebox in 1996. You can still get a wailing sax or Rat Pack harmonies if you so want, despite the jukebox having been heavily mainstreamed to meet shifting preferences.

5. New York’s Milano’s Bar

New York Top Dive Bars

Check out Milano’s Dive bar if you want something entertaining and genuine. If you’re searching for anything other than a dive bar, seek elsewhere because this location is the epitome of one. The area is about as narrow as an alleyway and as soon as you step in, you’re at the bar.

4. 169 Bar New York

Go to 169 and get a beer and shot for a distinctive and genuine New York experience. Since it was opened in 1916, 169 Bar has undergone only minor renaming and air conditioning changes. Locals visit for the $3 beer and shot deal and the retro vibe of the fern bar. 169 Bar is refreshing in both the physical and figurative senses, especially when contrasted with the more upscale bars in the adjacent Lower East Side and East Village. When the 169 Bar first opened in 1916, its official name was “Bloody Bucket.”

3. Montero’s New York

New York Top Dive Bars

This dive, which opened in 1947, is just as affably grubby as the sailors who formerly frequented it. Although the foggy glass blocks and shaky neon signs outside don’t look enticing, this dive bar has a lot of history and an old-fashioned, unpretentious, laid-back atmosphere within. People from all backgrounds and walks of life congregate at Montero’s for (cheap) cocktails in an extremely weird environment that you could only find in New York. It’s the kind of place where you can momentarily transport yourself to working-class Brooklyn. For a somewhat larger party, they have spaces for a private eating room. Roomy enough for large gatherings. They offer curb pickup in addition to having their own parking lot space.

2. Sunny’s Bar


Seven days a week, Sunny’s is open. Mondays and Tuesdays from 3 p.m. to midnight, Thursdays and Fridays from 3 p.m. to 1 a.m., Saturdays from noon to 2 a.m., and Sundays from noon to midnight. They offer to-go service, an extended backyard, and indoor sitting. If you enjoy live music and a hip atmosphere, Sunny’s pub is a truly special location. On Friday and Saturday nights, you’re sure to get down to some bossa nova or bluegrass with the locals and the newcomers. Explore all the distinctive features and intricate details of the pub by getting lost inside and in the backyard. Even if you can walk outside and see Manhattan from the front door, come here and leave the city behind.

1. New York’s Jimmy’s Corner

The best pub in New York without a doubt, with fantastic prices and a great atmosphere for locals! Jimmy’s Corner Dive Bar is in the middle of everything. An inviting little spot in Midtown, ideal for socializing and relaxing after work… modest, straightforward, and to the point. The environment has a vaguely 1970s vibe because to the abundance of boxing memorabilia. Even though it’s extremely little, the bar is sleek and stylish. Very affable! Good place to go for a drink. just outside of Times Square.

The walls of this interesting family-run business are covered in a lot of history! Jimmy’s Corner is a small dive bar that is almost always crowded at night for a variety of reasons, including its enjoyable ambiance and dive bar drink pricing, which are probably likely among the lowest in Times Square. Jimmy Glenn, a former boxing cutman and trainer who had worked with boxing legends like the great Muhammad Ali, established the pub a little over 50 years ago. (Boxing photos and other memorabilia, including photos of Jimmy posing with Ali, are all over the bar.)


Reif’s Tavern is a neighborhood bar with a welcoming staff where everyone seems to be familiar with one another. Whether inside the establishment or on the patio outside, PBRs are constantly flowing. Iggy’s bar is a karaoke bar on the upper East side with all the characteristics of a New York City dive: it’s inexpensive, loud, and frequently referred to as “cramped” by Yelp users. Every day of the week, from 1 to 7 p.m., there are drink deals. If you’re looking for a cozy, local place to watch a game with friends, Paradise Alley is the place to go. Hope our list of New York Top Dive bars is your favorite too.

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