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Poppy Nightclub Los Angeles Bottle Service

Inspired by fun-filled fairy tales & storybook stories, the Poppy Nightclub in LA is your perfect getaway destination in the city. The Poppy Nightclub in Los Angeles is a dreamy destination that features a bohemian cast of peacock poppies, modern mermaids, human animals, garden gypsies, swinging storytellers, and so more. The majestic central room of the club appears like a robber baron’s library with towering shelves of tones of books and a unique peacock statue. Throughout your clubbing journey, you would get the feeling of being lost in a surrealistic dream. The club also brings in a modern touch with the innovative concept of a proper dream sequence within the h.wood group’s architecture. At this high-end dreamy club, you can also look out for the amazing bottle service that the club boasts of.

Poppy Nightclub Los Angeles Bottle Service

How much is the bottle services minimum spends at Poppy Nightclub, Los Angeles?

The minimum spends for the exclusive bottle service offered by the Poppy Nightclub in Los Angeles would depend on talent spinning and the number of guests at the club. Still, you can expect paying around $1K as the minimum price for the exquisite bottle service here. You must note that the bottle service minimum spends might vary at times depending on the night & the number of guests at the club.

How much is the drink price at Poppy Nightclub, Los Angeles?

The Poppy Nightclub is known for offering a wide range of exotic drinks & cocktails to its guests. You can come across a wide collection of the most inventive drinks & cocktails at this high-end club. The club also features drinks from the best brands out there including Grey Goose, Patron, and so more.

How Can I book bottle services at Poppy Nightclub, Los Angeles?

Fill out the available online booking form or reach out to us through call services!

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