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Top 10 Nightclubs in Marbella

Elegant, modern, and underground, but always high-end –this is what the amazing nightlife scene in Marbella looks like. Only in Marbella you get to enjoy several days of relaxing by the poolside, while at night, you can get dressed up lavishly to have some of the best nightlife experience of your life. In some of the best nightclubs in Marbella, you can enjoy highly magnificent discos, elegant bars, and fabulous clubbing scenes –all of these acting as attractive magnets for all the club-lovers out there. We will present to you the Top 10 night clubs in Marbella. Whether you are the Spanish or international tourist, your trip to the best nightclubs in Marbella will be a lifetime experience ever. In this spectacular Mediterranean city, thousands of tourists from across the corners of the world reach out to enjoy the unrivalled climate and intense clubbing feel that cannot be found anywhere else. If you are looking forward to spending some fantastic moments in Marbella, check out the best and the most happening nightclubs in the city. Here are some of them:

Nikki Beach

Top 10 night clubs in Marbella Located just 15 minutes from the centre of Marbella, this highly trendy venue is the perfect destination for some summer afternoon chilling while you are listening to the coolest beach tunes and indulging in some top-class cuisines and exquisite cocktails. Usually open throughout the week, the Nikki Beach is your ultimate destination in Marbella for enjoying a great lunch or dinner with some fun live music and the best music tracks from the resident DJs. During the weekends, the best party & clubbing atmosphere is fun & exhilarating owing to the wide range of events & parties. The Nikki Beach is a high-end clubbing destination located on the Marbella beach front which is frequented by national as well as international A-listers and celebrities. During night time, the place transforms into a live dancing venue with top international DJs playing divine tracks for you to groove all night long!

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Ocean Club

Ocean Club The Ocean Club in Marbella is the first-line beach club located in Puerto Banus which serves to be the ultimate venue for chilling out with your close ones. Featuring a larger swimming pool and amazing music to groove upon, the Ocean Club beach club in Marbella is something you must not miss out on your trip to Marbella. Sprawling across a wide zone of around 9,000 square meters of intense glamour, style, and luxury, the Ocean Club in Marbella is the epitome of what a beach should be. At Ocean Club, you will be just a stroll away from the pristine beaches, cafes, restaurants, super yachts, and amazing nightclubs where the entire elite class of Europe comes to enjoy. Here, you can also enjoy some classic private time in a beautiful series of pristine beaches with breathtaking views of the mesmerizing Mediterranean Sea. If you wish to get lost in utter clubbing feel, Ocean Club in Marbella is a clubbing haven for you.


Linekers If you are a sports fanatic and wish to enjoy a great nightlife scene in Marbella, then Linekers nightclub is a must-visit club for you. Linekers in Marbella is a famous sports bar during the day and every night, it gets transformed into a club that can never go unnoticed. The sparkling and lively dance floor of the club attracts several sports enthusiasts including VIPs and leading celebrities who can enjoy the electrifying clubbing atmosphere of this place. When you have spent all night long dancing around in the club, you can take a fancy break at the club’s remarkable bar area. Located on the 2nd floor, the bar area of the club boasts the presence of a massive pool table and a highly chilled-out atmosphere. For enjoying some great music, comfortable & lavish VIP enclosures along with friendly staff, you should not miss out the Linekers clubbing experience if you are headed for a night out in Puerto Banus.

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Nao The Nao pool club in Marbella is the new concept of poolside clubbing haven for the club-lovers from all over. Located in Puerto Banus, the Nao pool club is surrounded by natural landscape and beautiful, wild moments. Recently launched in 2016, the Nao pool club in Marbella is your go-to destination if you are looking for summer-time clubbing fun. The club has a trendy vibe and attracts young, club-lovers from the city as well as from across the globe. The Nao pool club is known for organizing high-end poolside parties and events on specific dates. As such, you can make advance bookings for the club in order to enjoy an unparalleled clubbing experience by the poolside. The Nao pool club has already managed to garner ample respect in the city and is becoming the hot favorite of many clubbers. The luxurious pools surrounded by tropical gardens and lush greenery from all over is your ultimate summer clubbing destination when in Marbella.

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Tibu When it comes to the luxurious, high-end nightlife scene in Marbella, then Tibu is a perfect partying destination. Tibu is located right in the center of the luxurious Puerto Banus. On the interiors of the Tibu nightclub, the dancers can occupy the podiums as the DJ spins around the perfect mix of several funky rhythms. At this nightclub, you can come across highly affordable drinks & exclusive cocktails to make your night all the more worthwhile. Even the clubbing spot is highly exclusive, you can be a part of its madness at a reasonable price range. You can come across highly young and fashion-loving audience. The secluded and elegant VIP areas of the club are ideal for escaping the hustle & bustle of your busy lives as you get to groove all night long on the dance floor and relax with close ones.

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Mirage Being voted as the “best nightclub in Marbella”, the Mirage nightclub is your ultimate clubbing destination in the city. The Mirage club is aimed at delivering the most extravagant and a highly visually appealing clubbing environment to its guests. The club features cutting-edge sound system referred to as the “Funktion One”. For creating an experience like never before, the Mirage club in Marbella brings together the best-in-class entertainment from around the world. You can come across the leading, world-famous DJs, leading promotions, international artists, and in-house visceral performances –delivering the highest level of clubbing feel. The Mirage nightclub in Marbella is focused on bringing the high-end glamour levels of Las Vegas into action along with the excitement offered by the Ibiza clubs. The overall club area features two separate clubs that are separated from each other by an attractive acoustic glass wall.

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La Suite

Suite Enjoy amazing Marbellian nights in the exclusive La Suite Club in the city. The La Suite club in Marbella is one of the trendiest nightlife spot in the city and is known for offering a highly sophisticated nightclub experience in the whole city. If you are also looking forward to organizing some major events or parties in Marbella for your close friends, then La Suite Club can be a good choice. Getting its inspiration from the well-renowned Studio 54 in New York, the overall provocative décor of the nightclub is set to offer you the high feel of the clubbing experience in the city. The open-air terrace area of the nightclub in Marbella is one location that is highly sought-after by top-class A-listers and famous celebrities in town.

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Aqwa Mist

Aqwa Mist This is one club in Marbella wherein you can enjoy the exclusive sophistication and exquisite designing in the true Marbella style. With a cutting-edge sound system and some of the top DJs from around the globe, the Aqwa Mist nightclub in the city is your perfect getaway. You would be impressed by the attractive entrance of the club that features a huge silver waterfall overlooking the façade and allows you into the massive club.

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News Café

News Cafe Being one of the major hotspots in the city, the News Café nightclub is much-visited by the local as well as tourists to Marbella. If you have a thing for high-end celebrities, then you can make a visit to the club during weekends as you can come across famous DJs & actors from across the world. The amazing atmosphere and music of the club makes you want to stay in the club for longer. The club is known for offering a great mix of music tracks including R&B, Funky, and House.

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Teatro Marbella Located in the far end of the port, the Pangea nightclub in Marbella is aimed at offering bespoke clubbing atmosphere to the locals as well as to the tourists. Here, you can come across immensely luxurious yachts that take your clubbing experience to another level. At Pangea Marbella, you can witness some of the best & the liveliest DJ nights & performances that never disappoint you. Book tables for this club in advance and enjoy an unmatched clubbing experience like never before.

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