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Top 10 Villas In The World

Wherever you might opt for traveling, having a good place for accommodation can either make or break your entire trip. However, in some cases, the ‘good’ simply does not cut it. For a truly special vacation, you need a unique place to call your accommodation. For the best experience, you can trust our luxury concierge services across the globe.

There are innumerable lavish guest houses, hotels, and resorts all around the globe. However, only a few of them are capable of competing with the best vacation homes or villas in the world. Villas or vacation homes are known for delivering access to unmatched privacy and luxury that make your entire trip a memorable one. Moreover, you can also expect high-end facilities to make the trip even more worthwhile. Right from ice-skating rinks to bowling alleys, indoor pools, to horse-riding stables, and much more –some of the most luxurious properties in the world feature it all for your entertainment.

Top 10 Villas In The WorldAre you in search of a luxury villa for your next vacation? Whether you wish to rent a high-end villa for tourism or for a full-time residence, there is no shortage of luxury properties around the world for your lavish accommodation. Let us help you unravel the top 10 villas in the world.


The Best Villas in the World

The luxury property industry continues to remain as one of the most interesting projects for both developers as well as architects. For your next high-end travel, we have composed a list of the best villas or luxury properties in the world wherein you can consider landing your bags. Here are the top 10 villas in the world:


1. Villa Rica Ibiza

Top 10 Villas In The World

Villa Rica is a lavish 5-bedroom private villa situated in Ibiza. It is located just close to the beach while overlooking the majestic Bay of Cala Jondal. The villa also features a team of highly attentive and experienced staff.

Cala Jondal turns out to be one of the most exclusive bays in Ibiza. It offers access to a number of chic restaurants and lively bars. Villa Rica features the classic 5 bedrooms (available as double ensuite bedrooms). All the bedrooms feature air conditioning, mini fridges, and satellite plasma TV sets. There is also the presence of a separate steam room, thermal detox sauna, and a gym area.

On the rooftop of the villa, you can come across a massive hot tub that is capable of accommodating as many as 10 people at a time. There are different dining areas all around the villa. Hire our luxury concierge services in Ibiza to have the best-ever experience.


2. Bel Air Spec Manor, Los Angeles

Top 10 Villas In The World

Bel Air Spec Manor is regarded as one of the priciest properties to be listed in the entire United States of America. The huge villa is spread out across a sprawling area of around 380,000 square foot. There is the presence of a massive outdoor pool area. The poolside area features a bowling alley, a movie theatre, and a helicopter landing pad.

To top it all, there is also the presence of an impressive car portfolio worth $30 million that is available with the sale. The entire property is set amidst immense natural beauty with abundant trees and greenery all around.


3. Malibu 1, Florida

Modern, minimalist interiors coupled with wooden flooring throughout add a touch of elegance and class to the amazing beachfront villa in the mesmerizing Malibu. The property is beautifully located right in front of the ocean –just off the majestic Pacific Coast Highway.

As you wake up in this lavish private villa, you get the opportunity to be just a few steps from the glorious Escondido Beach. Here, you will be astounded to witness the beauty of glassy waves gnawing at the soft sand. In addition to enjoying the beach, you can also look forward to spending your day relaxing and lounging on the terrace area of the villa.

The terrace features views over water. You also have the chance to soak yourself in the private outdoor pool of the villa. On its interiors, you will come across 5 airy and spacious bedrooms along with a modern gym and a movie theatre.


4. Santorini 23, Greece

Top 10 Villas In The World

Locations simply cannot get better than this. The entire private villa has been perched on top of a cliff. The villa overlooks the impressive Aegean Sea along with a caldera. Quite symbolic to Greece, the entire property has been whitewashed. As such, the given whitewashed luxury villa is a striking example of the old meeting the new. Your views will be complete with the panoramic setting of the open-air terrace area along with as many as 9 amazing bedrooms.

As you observe the sun setting above Santorini, the sky turns pink –just like cotton candy. It is a perfect moment to slip into the beautiful infinity pool along with your favourite drink. From here, you can watch the impressive white yachts sail between different islands –just offshore.


5. This is the Moment, Los Angeles

Famous for its amazing shopping plazas, legendary Sunset Strip, and eclectic nightlife, West Hollywood serves to be unlike any other city in the entire world. To top it all, the given villa is just located in the heart of the city. Located on the popular Melrose Avenue, you can look forward to spending your weekend mornings strolling and shopping along the tree-lined lanes.

As you are back at the villa, you will spot the beautiful pool featuring a waterfall along with a built-in Jacuzzi setup. Take a moment to relax as you plunge into its warm waters. You can also think of soaking up ample sunlight or escaping the heat in the lavish living space of the house. The beautiful wall of the sliding doors tends to blend both indoors as well as outdoors seamlessly.

The interiors of the entire villa are quite modern and sleek featuring a trendy grey hue theme. To top it all, there is the presence of an integrated Smart system that you can control via the iPad to make your living a breeze in this lavish accommodation.



6. The 2810 Private Luxury Estate, Las Vegas

Top 10 Villas In The World

Mostly referred to as the symbol of contemporary luxury and comfort, the majestic 2810 Private Luxury Estate in Las Vegas offers you all the luxuries and comforts that you can expect out of high-end 5-star properties. You can get all the luxuries in the world –all inside a private estate. There are as many as 11 bedrooms along with 6 bathrooms and access to 24/7 concierge.

All these amenities are located within one and a half acres of land –located only 5-minutes away from the Las Vegas strip. The villa is known to mix the essence of the South of France, the Mediterranean, and topical beaches. Here, you get an opportunity to sit back and relax in the gated heaven.


7. Bella Villa, Las Vegas

The luxurious private villa has been built lately. There are as many as 6 lavish bathrooms and 6 full-suite bedrooms. There is also the presence of two vaulted ceiling homes complete with the 2-way staircase and a beautiful entrance hall. You will get access to high-speed Wi-Fi connection in the property as well.

The villa is equipped with the impressive Le Gourmet kitchen space featuring a full-range cabinet for your entertainment and ease. Moreover, the kitchen space is also equipped with double-door French steel refrigerators. You can enjoy the 9 lavish queen beds with the feature of extra bedding.


8. AKA Times Square, New York

Situated on 44, West Street amidst the concrete jungle of the beautiful New York City, the AKA Times Square is available as a series of luxurious apartments for delivering the private villa vibe to its residents. The apartments are situated within a comfortable distance of most of the superlative attractions of New York City.

In this private villa setup, the guests are provided with the choice of 1 or 2-bedroom villas. Every villa features king-size beds along with a rollaway bed for the ease of accommodation. The interiors of the villa are elegantly furnished and feature modular kitchens.


9. La Finca De Piedra, Ibiza

It is available as a traditional villa in Ibiza. It boasts its architecture from the times of the 18th century. The original adjoining tower of the villa retains the glorious touch of history. This feature makes the private villa extra unique and luxurious. The exclusive hilltop location of the villa will offer panoramic views that span over the idyllic landscape of the entire city.

The loungers and hammocks in the private terrace and gardens of the property imply you can look forward to soaking up the Spanish sun in true comfort.


10. Dream Inn Dubai, Signature Villa, Dubai

The fantastic 6-bedroom lavish villa in Dubai will suit your requirement of luxury travel perfectly. The villa is situated at the famous Palm Jumeirah and delivers access to breathtaking ocean views as well as modern amenities.

There is the availability of a separate dining area, a kitchen space, boutique conveniences, and top-quality linen. The private outdoor pool in the villa will deliver a luxurious stay throughout.



Wherever you travel in the world, have the most fun and relaxation by staying at a high-end private villa.

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