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What Are The Bottle Service Policies For The Best Nightclubs In The US?

Isn’t it great to imagine yourself in a reputed nightclub and being welcomed by gorgeous girls bringing forth bottles of exclusive alcohol as per your choice? After all, you only get to live once! However, there is a case to be specified for VIP bottle service in the USA. It is not mandatory for you to get bottle service for visiting a nightclub in the USA. Still, you should know about what are the bottle service policies for the best nightclubs in the US.

If you are in search for some dedicated space or real estate in the high-end club and are excited about getting entry into the club, bottle service USA is your way to go. Almost all clubs in the nation have access to VIP tables that are arranged across the premises of the club.

When you get yourself the exclusive bottle service at a reputed nightclub in the United States of America, you will be paying the club a premium amount for mixers, bottles, and club real estate or table space. Mixers all across the club tend to be quite standard –ranging from orange juices to cranberry, spirits, limes, tonic water, lemonades, and so more.

If you are in search for bottled water or energy drinks, then you might end up paying something extra. The amount for the same will be calculated towards the minimum. In addition to bringing alcohol bottles of your choice to the desired table in the club, the bottle service ladies will also be delivering additional services. These would include removing empty glasses, refilling your mixers, pouring shots, and helping you make drinks.

Every table booking comes with a minimum spend. It is the amount you are required to spend on alcohol. For the day clubs in the USA, it will include the amount that you will be spending on food. The minimums that are quoted will not include any tip or tax. It is estimated to be around 30 percent. It includes 10 percent tax and 18-20 percent tip. Gratuity in such cases is automatically included in the final bill at around 18-20 percent. Therefore, whenever you will be booking a table, you would go ahead with multiplying the minimum by 1.3 on the amount how much you would like to spend.

Bottle service –also known as table service, is one of the highly sought-after services while visiting a high-end nightclub or bar. Most prestigious nightclubs in the United States of America offer access to exclusive bottle services to enhance the overall visitor experience. Do you want to know what are the bottle service policies for the best nightclubs in the US? We will help you find out!

What Are The Bottle Service Policies For The Best Nightclubs In The US?

What is a Bottle Service?


The minimum spend on every table will vary from one nightclub to another in the USA. It will also depend on several other factors including:

Day of the week –minimums tend to be the highest during Fridays and Saturdays


Live performer or DJ –bigger names imply bigger amount for minimums

Location of the table –the closer you will be to the main action, the more likely you are going to pay

Number of individuals in the party –for instance, you would like to go for a 1K minimum table, it might be available with only 4 comps to include more individuals to increase your minimum


What are the Benefits of Bottle Service?

You will receive expedited entry in the exclusive VIP bottle service line

You will get access to exclusive table space or real estate to sit around with your group. In most instances, the cost remains quite close to get in on the general admission basis and purchase drinks at the bar.

If you are a girl, you are no longer required to hang out with guys for getting access to drinks

If you are a guy, you can bring more girls back to the table

Bottle service is available with alcohol and special entry

In Las Vegas, bachelorette parties are mostly discounted or special tables during slow nights


How much Bottle Service in the USA Cost?

Bottle service in Las Vegas will cost you something between $150 per guy to $1000 per person. It will ultimately depend on how much you wish to splurge. You are easily capable of running up similar bills in other cities as well. However, usually, your tabs in Las Vegas are going to be much higher in comparison to other cities.

If you have a good number of guys (or even when girls are willing to pitch in) in your group, bottle service USA is going to actually make sense on financial grounds. For instance, let us assume that your group has 8 guys and would like to visit a top-tier club to attend the show of a famous DJ.  You are searching for the $50 presale tickets or $70 general admission at the entry along with the tip for the bouncer in case you do not want to wait. Once you would be ensured entry into the club, drinks will cost you around $20 per shot or drink. Between the processes of buying drinks for girls and buying drinks for friends, you will easily end up running up the $150 to $200 per tab quite instantly.

With some foresight and planning, you can take the money and ensure a table booking. Indeed, your table will not be at the main dance floor, but still you can look forward to enjoying most of its benefits at competitive prices. The key to ensuring a balance is to have a good number of guys in your group who are ready to throw down. In case your group is quite heavy, the price for every guy will go up significantly. It will no longer be making any financial sense to get a dedicated table for the same.

vOn the other hand, in case of larger groups of girls and guys, you would like to follow a hybrid approach in which guys will be getting the table and the girls will be using the presale or guestlist tickets. In this manner, you can go forward with keeping the minimums lower. The girls are not known to count as comps on any table before getting in. Girls can join the guys at the table.

If you wish to make use of the given technique, here are some tips to keep in mind:

If girls aim at getting on the guestlist, they will mostly have to reach earlier than the guys. You would like to ensure that girls are capable of mobilizing and getting ready quite early.

With large-sized groups, bottles are mostly finished in some minutes. You would like to make sure that you make the bottle service girl know that you are only present for ordering additional benefits.


Using the Bottle Service Reservation Service at a Club in the USA

If you wish to get access to an exclusive club in the USA, and have the best-ever VIP experience, then you can think of using the bottle service or nightlife reservation service for maximum benefits. The services help in building relationships with nightclubs. In most cases, the best range of services has relationships with the top destinations in major cities of the nation. You can leverage our exclusive bottle service reservation or luxury concierge services to be assured of the best-ever experience.

With the help of a dedicated bottle service reservation, you will be working with a reservation specialist or coordinator rather than directly with the club. You will be providing the service with the specific date and number of individuals in the party. Then, the representative from our concierge services will ensure that the VIP table is ready for you and your guests. In most instances, table or bottle service reservation services can also get ordinary individuals into the nightclub that is otherwise known for catering to only famous people from a particular city. There can be additional benefits as well –including special discounts on bottle purchases.

Our bottle service can be regarded as the ticket to exclusive bottle service at all the leading clubs in Los Angeles, New York, Miami, Atlanta, and so on. We can help you in planning a memorable night while handling all the details to ensure that you receive access to a truly VIP experience.


Getting Bottle Service at a Club in the USA

Every club in the country has its own bottle service policy. In most cases they require advanced booking. The most famous nightclubs in the country are booked quite in advance. Therefore, it might be tough to secure a table at most establishments unless you are acquainted with someone. If you wish to try out bottle service at a high-end club, then you should check the website. This is because a number of clubs are nowadays offering access to online reservations.

You can also ensure yourself a great experience by taking our help. We are available 24/7!

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