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7 Luxury Tours to Dubai

As one of the richest cities in the world, Dubai is, both figuratively and literally, a hotspot for luxury travel. Dubai always thinks big. It has the tallest, the largest, and the flashiest. As far as visiting Dubai is concerned, you can expect luxury in almost everything. Right from luxury hotels to luxury yachts, luxury resorts, and much more –you can literally bathe in luxury when in Dubai. Therefore, your next trip to the city should be all about luxury experiences. You can have the same through 7 Luxury Tours to Dubai.

Dubai –referred to as the ‘City of Gold,’ has an abundance of experiences to offer to its visitors from all parts of the world. You can name it and Dubai will have it! Therefore, you should be aware of the top 7 luxury tours to Dubai to enhance your overall experience. If you need assistance with the same, you can always reach out to our team of luxury concierge experts in Dubai. We deliver assistance 24/7.

7 Luxury Tours to Dubai


Ways to Enjoy a Luxury Trip to Dubai

Dubai is listed on the map as a sleek nation known for its designer shopping destinations, modern architecture, and the potential to make anything possible. Dubai serves to be an ever-evolving city. Therefore, you should be well-aware of how to enjoy a truly luxurious trip to the city.

7 Luxury Tours to Dubai

The United Arab Emirates (UAE) brings together the essence of international cuisines, luxury spas, and the exclusive Middle Eastern culture for creating a bespoke metropolis –ranging from serious opulence to mainstream luxury. There are several interesting places to visit in Dubai and a myriad of fun activities to do and enjoy yourself. Whether you wish to go on a luxury shopping spree or enjoy thrilling adventures, a luxury trip to Dubai is assured to keep you out-of-the-world.

Before you set out on the top 7 luxury tours to Dubai, here are some important points to remember:

7 Luxury Tours to Dubai

Travel in Summer for an Affordable Trip

The winter season in the United Arabs is the peak season of incoming tourists from all parts of the world. During the winter season, you can experience milder temperatures of 23 Degree Celsius. On the other hand, the temperatures can soar to reach a whopping 41 Degree Celsius.

It is recommended to travel between the period of April & October. Even after the warm weather conditions, you will find it feasible to enjoy the trip throughout. Most of the high-end hotels, shopping showrooms, and other public places in Dubai have proper air conditioning. Therefore, the temperatures become bearable throughout. Moreover, with the vibrant nightlife, it is possible for you to head out every evening when temperatures are milder to explore some of the major attractions of the city.

As per the rule, the period of mid-May to end of July, and the last weeks of August and starting September are regarded as the best times to get yourself some lucrative deals on luxury hotels in the city.


Go Through Official Tourism Websites to Come Across Discounts

Visit Dubai serves to be a great source for tips on getting lucrative discounts and deals on your luxury trip to the city. You can go ahead with checking the website before traveling to the city to come across interesting discounts on the major attractions of the city –like 25 percent off on helicopter rides, 2-for-1 dinner course on a cruise, and so much more. If you wish to indulge in pure luxury while in Dubai, you can make use of our exclusive luxury concierge services. We are available 24/7.


Skip Airport Queues

As you land in a new country, the mere imagination of standing in long queues at the passport centers is enough to make the start quite dull. For only around $30, you can think about skipping the airport lines in Dubai. Moreover, you can also get access to exclusive escort services to & from the airport. All of this is possible with our luxury concierge services in Dubai.

Our services will range from fast tracking the process of immigration to ensuring elite-level travel for business-class travelers, family transfers, porter assistance, and much more. To top it all, you will also not be required to hang around the baggage. It will be directly handed over to you at your hotel room.

Top 7 Luxury Tours in Dubai

1. Rent a Private Yacht Cruise: Wish to take a ride on the luxurious yacht on the glorious waters of Dubai? You can think about choosing from the impressive fleet of top-luxury yachts. There are several operators delivering such services in the city. As you rent a cruise or yacht, you will receive the pampering of decadent concierge services along with amazing foods and drinks.

On a luxury yacht cruise, you can enjoy bespoke views of the entire city –ranging from Atlantis the Palm to the Burj Al Arab, The Palm Jumeirah, the Burj Khalifa, and so more. It is a great opportunity to marvel at the spectacular landmarks and man-made beauty of the entire city of gold as you sit back and relax at the luxurious deck lounger. To top it all, you can also engage in a private cruise experience in Dubai to have the most spectacular scuba diving experience of your life.


2. Dine at the At.Mosphere: Dining in the tallest restaurant in the world is indeed an once-in-a-lifetime luxury you must not miss out on. When in Dubai, you can look forward to enjoying a private dining experience at the world-famous At.Mosphere restaurant. The restaurant is known for offering breathtaking views of the entire skyline of the city.

The At.Mosphere restaurant is situated at the 122 Level of the Burj Khalifa –the tallest building in the world. From here, you can have the exclusively gastronomical experience of witnessing the wonders of the entire Arabian Gulf. You can also relish on exotic fusion cuisine here that is specifically created for you amidst the luxurious ambiance of the state-of-the-art kitchen by the high-end team. Sitting 442 meters from the ground, the restaurant allows you to enjoy the best of oysters, lobsters, caviar, and the most luxurious food options you have ever come across.

3. A Shopping Spree at the Dubai Mall: The Dubai Mall stands top in ultimate luxury as far as top-class shopping is concerned. The entire mall area has over 1200 retail outlets along with an impressive offering of eateries. The topmost floor of the mall features a 22-theater multiplex cinema. Additionally, The Dubai Mall is also home to the world-famous VR Park –the largest virtual reality park in the UAE.

Across the mall area, you will come across beautifully gold-accented stores with some of the most branded names in the world –ranging from Gucci to Cartier, Harry Winston, Chloe, Chanel, Tiffany, and so more. Right from divers’ statues in the lobby to exquisite waterfalls, the underwater Aquarium, the Underwater Zoo, and so more –the Dubai Mall is assured to give you the time of your life.

4. Enjoy the Luxury Desert Safari: Wish to enjoy the luxurious desert safari? With the insanely enjoyable and luxurious desert safaris of Dubai, you can have some of the most thrilling moments of your life. A luxury-filled day trip will take you to the Arabian Desert for an adventurous dune bashing experience. Then, you can also indulge in some quad biking experiences. There are options of camel riding and sand boarding as well.

With the setting of the sun in the desert, you can retire yourself to silk cushions in the highly welcoming Bedouin tents while enjoying hot & sweet Arabian coffee. You can enjoy the performance delivered by Belly dancers to make the most of the nighttime experience.

5. Dhow Dinner Cruise: There can be nothing more luxurious than sailing across the waters on a beautifully-decorated luxury dhow. On a private dhow, you get to cruise along the private waters of the famous Dubai Marina, the Dubai Canal, and the Dubai Creek. From the dhow, you can feast your eyes to the bespoke views of the famous landmarks of the city that line the entire Dubai Marina. For the best-ever experience, contact our team of concierge experts now!

6. A 7-star Dinner at Burj Al Arab: The famous Burj Al Arab is synonymous with everything luxurious. You can look forward to enjoying the 7-star dinner at this lavish hotel. You can dine at either Al Mahara or any other high-end restaurants of the hotel. For maximum luxury, you can arrive in a helicopter at the landing pad of the hotel and enter the hotel directly under the assistance of our concierge experts.

7. Shop Through Tons of Gold: You can head straight to the famous Gold Souq in Deira. It is referred to as the City of Gold. Here, you can be spellbound by the impressive parade of exquisite gold jewelry and everything gold all around. It is one of the most luxurious experiences you can have in the world.

Make the most of your trip to Dubai by indulging in sheer luxury throughout.

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