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Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Miami Available For Rental

Miami serves to be the cultural, financial, and economical epicenter of South Florida in the United States of America. As a matter of fact, it is also voted as one of the cleanest cities by Forbes. While all these aspects go in one hand, the overall eternal beauty of Miami makes it a must-visit destination in the USA on your next vacation. Here’s your guide to the best luxury villas in Miami available for rental!

While you might enjoy exploring the majestic city, where should you stay here during your trip? The city of Miami is known to be surrounded by a myriad of the most beautiful and luxury villas available for rent. These are major tourist attractions and offer ample amenities to enhance your overall trip. When you are in Miami spending your lavish vacation, your holidays cannot be complete unless you stay at a high-end luxury rental villa in the city.

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Miami Available For Rental

Renting a Luxury Villa in Miami

There are several spots all around the city offering some of the most breathtaking and beautiful views for your amazing stay. Villa rentals in Miami are available in affluent societies including Miami Downtown, Fort Lauderdale, Coral Gables, Brickell, and various other regions of Miami. The central hub for high-end luxury villas in & around Miami is Miami Beach.

Miami Beach is known to feature some of the best luxury villas in the entire nation. This is because of the cultural diversity of Miami which makes it a highly upscale environment. Moreover, the area is also known for its dynamic and unique waterways that remain connected right in the villa backyards.

As you book your stay at a lavish villa in Miami, it will offer you the opportunity to be the master of your own island. Moreover, you also get the opportunity to marvel at the beauty and elegance of the city. From its delicious foods to mesmerizing beaches, there are several ways in which you can enjoy your stay at a glorious property in Miami. Keep reading ther guide to the best luxury villas in Miami available for rental.

Best Luxury Rental Villas in Miami

For your next trip to the USA, if you are looking for the perfect spot for a luxurious staycation, here are some of our suggestions from the guide to the best luxury villas in Miami available for rental:

1. Villa Toscana

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Miami Available For Rental

It is one of the most spacious and lavish villas in Miami. It is also available in the list of the best luxury villas in Miami that also features a sprawling pool area. As you visit the property, you are bound to fall in love with the views of the entire surroundings. Moreover, you will also be impressed with the spacious living accommodations and coziness of the rooms in the villa.

Villa Toscana is spread out across an area of 4 ½ acres of land. The house itself occupies around 8000 square feet of the entire property. The house is surrounded by lush green lawns and beautiful pools.

2. MIA Airport Villas

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Miami Available For Rental

These are regarded as one of the best villas for your luxurious stay in the majestic city. The best part is that these villas are conveniently situated close to the airport. Moreover, you can also be in proximity to the leading shopping destinations, the happening nightlife of Miami Beach, and the Cruise Port area.

Whether you are in Miami for a business trip or a holiday, the villas are going to offer you ample comfort and luxury at the same time. The shuttle services are provided free of cost to all the guests of the villa. The shuttle services operate to & from the airport. Moreover, you will also be impressed with the amenities like free parking, a pool area, airport transportation, access to the gym area, and so more.

With MIA Airport Villas, you can be assured of excellent holiday experiences.

3. Villa Calabasas

The high-end villa is situated in the heart of the city. It is just 5 miles from the famous American Airlines Arena. The entire villa is spread out across a sprawling area of 10,000 square feet as you get to experience unmatched luxury living throughout.

The villa is available as a waterfront mansion delivering ample luxury and relaxation. The rooms here are spacious and sufficient in number for hosting several guests at a time. The villa is also renowned for its excellent services paired with a Gourmet kitchen area, a lavish pool, and intense Jacuzzi. All of these top-class features make the villa a highly sought-after vacation destination in the city.

4. South Beach Plaza Villas

Guide To The Best Luxury Villas In Miami Available For Rental

These are rated as one of the best luxury villas for rent in Miami. The entire villa gets booked quite frequently by people from all parts of the world. The villa is situated only a 4-minute walk from Miami Beach. Moreover, it is only a 13-minute walk from the Lincoln Road Mall.

From the villa, you can get exquisite views of the entire beach. Therefore, you can look forward to having a memorable time altogether. The villa also comes forth with an impressive meal suite for its guests. There is a free wine reception every evening for you to enjoy. With a myriad of amenities, the villa is assured to enhance your overall stay. The property does not feature a pool. To top it all, it is also one of the most budget-friendly villas for rent in the city.

5. Villa Balinese

It is a famous Bali-style villa that has a unique charm to itself. The luxury rental villa is situated on the shores of Miami Beach. It is spread out across an impressive area of 16,010 square feet. You get to enjoy mesmerizing views of both the sunrise and sunset to make your vacation an enchanting one.

Most people come to this Balinese-style villa to ensure themselves a relaxing and peaceful stay. It is a customized home made with the essence of Balinese-style architecture and design featuring a typical Koi Pond walkway at its entrance. Here, you can be assured of having the best-ever experience during your holidays in Miami.

6. Villa Castillo

You can experience heaven in this majestic villa featuring a spacious roof as its striking feature. The impressive villa features a lavish pool area along with an outdoor pool as well. Moreover, there is also the presence of non-smoking rooms.

The villa features as many as 6 bedrooms and 7 bathrooms for the ultimate comfort and luxury of the guests. The bathrooms are large-sized and feature top-class toiletries for your extravagant stay. Moreover, the premises of the villa also offer bespoke lake views.

7. Sextant Bayside Heaven

It is regarded as one of the most beautiful and lavish villas for rent in Miami, Florida. The villa is renowned for offering a wide range of high-class amenities and services to the guests. You can look forward to having a peaceful and relaxed time here during your vacation.

You can also enjoy the comfort of spacious bedrooms in the entire premises. The property is situated only a 10-minute walk from Miami Beach and a 20-minute ride from the airport.

8. Kosher Villa

It is one of the most elite poolside villas in Miami. The villa is situated in North Miami Beach in Florida and is available for rental accommodation. The overall comforting and relaxing ambiance of the property makes it a highly sought-after choice by visitors from all parts of the world.

You can look forward to relaxing by the poolside or having fun with family & friends in its lavish interiors. The entire luxury villa is capable of accommodating as many as 7 guests at a time in its 3 bedrooms featuring 5 beds. Guests are also offered the ease of free parking services. Moreover, there is a dedicated kitchen area for cooking meals as well.

9. Marriott’s Villa at Doral

The lavish villa offers access to a two-bedroom high-end property that is capable of accommodating around 8 guests at a time. It is an indeed delightful experience to be at the villa. This is because the villa offers access to some of the most scenic views all around.

The villa offers the provision of a separate kitchen area for your extravagant meal preparations. Moreover, the property also has access to a myriad of high-end amenities. There is the presence of an inviting outdoor pool that offers you amazing views and a great relaxing experience throughout.

10. Venetian Island House

The Venetian Island House is located on Biscayne Island in the heart of the city. The villa is conveniently located between South Beach and Miami Beach. The drive itself to the contemporary villa is exciting and memorable. You get to enjoy the breathtaking views of beautiful waters all around. You also get an opportunity to drive alongside the famous Venetian Causeway.

The entire property has been recently renovated. It features 4 bedrooms along with 4 bathrooms. There are open terraces and pool exteriors for ample fun and relaxation.


Make the most of your holidays to Miami by staying at one of the best luxury villas available for rent. Contact us if you have any questions about the guide to the best luxury villas in Miami available for rental.

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