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How To Book Your Private Yacht In Ibiza?

Sailing across the Balearic Sea, the wind in your hair and sun on your skin, exploring Formentera and Ibiza by boat is indeed a bucket-list experience. When you hire a private yacht on rental, you get to discover the mysterious caves and hidden beaches along the rugged coastline, you can enjoy snorkeling in the amazingly crystal-clear waters. The experience also allows you to enjoy the adrenaline-filled Jet Ski ride while simply laying back and relaxing. For your help, we came up with the guide on how to book your private yacht in Ibiza.

Boat or yacht rental in Ibiza with your group of friends or family is an absolute to-do activity when you are visiting the island. If you need assistance, we can help you with luxury yacht rentals in Ibiza through our luxury concierge services. It is now quite obvious that a day out on a luxury yacht –especially during your visit to Formentera, is not just affordable, but everyone seems to be enjoying it as well. Every year, more yacht Ibiza clients who have never had the experience of chartering a luxury yacht before in Ibiza are now ensuring their maiden voyage.

How To Book Your Private Yacht In Ibiza


How to Book the Right Private Yacht in Ibiza?

Whether you have decided to have the experience of renting a luxury yacht in Ibiza for the first time, or you have some experience in the industry, it is always helpful to be well-informed before making the choice. There is no denying the fact that the landscapes and coves of Ibiza are quite attractive to those who take ample time to discover the same. From the crystal-clear blue waters of the Mediterranean, the overall experience becomes remarkable.

When you understand the island by sailing across the Mediterranean, it becomes an ever-lasting experience to remember for your life. Once you have evaluated different options of luxury boats you could rent for the trip, you might realize that an extravagant yacht might be the ideal option. The yacht serves to be a private boat. It tends to differ from other sailing options like sailboats and catamarans that are also utilized for day charter and charter services.

A private yacht rental is one of the services wherein you can come across unmatched luxury. Such a service can help in making your vacation top-notch and relaxing. Whether you wish to book the nautical charter for your day or go for something more, you can pay attention to the guide below on how to book your private yacht in Ibiza.

How To Book Your Private Yacht In Ibiza

Model of Rental Yacht You Wish to Hire

The first step in the process of renting a yacht charter in Ibiza is to select the right model of the yacht for your experience. You can choose the best one based on your specific requirements for the entire trip. If you are on a couple’s vacation, you can think about renting a medium-sized speedboat that is around 40-60 feet in total length. Such a speedboat is also fast and sporty while serving great for your purpose.

On the other hand, if you are visiting Ibiza with friends or family, you can come across lucrative yacht charter options of lengths over 60 feet. The yacht should also feature around 3-5 cabins. It should be capable of accommodating a group of around 12 people at a time.


Need for a Crew

For most travelers visiting Ibiza, contemplation of the existing landscapes and ultimate relaxation are topmost priorities. However, there are others who prefer taking the helm by their own hands while navigating the free course of the entire journey. Whether or not you prefer to hire a dedicated crew or skipper for your yacht navigation, it will ultimately depend on whether or not you have the knowledge of essential nautical qualifications or expertise. It is only then you will be able to command the yacht model that you choose.

In Ibiza, a number of boats or yachts between the range of 8 and 10 meters in length are rented with a dedicated crew and captain on a mandatory basis. This is because during the high season, the maritime area between Formentera and Ibiza is quite busy. Even when you will have access to the PER Certificate (Skipper of Pleasure) boats, extensive and in-depth knowledge of the islands and its overall navigation is required for commanding yachts or boats of medium-scale or large-scale lengths.

As your holidays are vacations indeed, you should aim at anchoring with ultimate peace of mind without feeling responsible for the vehicle. You can hire an experienced skipper as well who is capable of presenting professional qualifications. It turns out to be the best option while renting a yacht in Ibiza. The skipper can accompany you and your group throughout the journey while guaranteeing your overall safety and comfort.


Payment for the Port

Along with the nautical charter rate corresponding to the yacht you have thought of renting in Ibiza, you should pay attention to other specific details that might be linked with the booking. Most of the rental boats and yachts in Ibiza feature mooring in the base port. It could be Marina Botafoch, Ibiza Magna, or Marina Ibiza. However, it is crucial that you ask whether or not the same is included in the general price. You should inquire if you are expected to pay for the same individually.

The yacht model that you select might feature a permanent mooring point or base in Ibiza. It could also be handled by port fees for disembarkation and embarkation. It is a great decision to verify all other expenses that should be handled in the form of extras. For instance, these could include bedding (towels and sheets), the use of the zodiac, and so more. Usually, rental yachts or boats in Ibiza feature amenities to receive you –like a dedicated welcome package featuring welcoming drinks, soft drinks, champagnes, snacks, and so more.


Advance Booking

When you are renting a luxury yacht for taking a tour of the entire white island off the Mediterranean, you should be excited about witnessing live adventures. However, you should not leave everything to chance! Renting the yacht in which you will be spending an amazing day or days should be something you should plan out in advance.

Under ideal circumstances, it is recommended to consult the professional company about the different types of yacht models available out there for high-end nautical charter experiences. Based on the results, you can book the desired yacht in advance. In most cases, an advance payment amount of around 20 to 50 percent of the total rental price is expected to be paid –when you are booking the yacht rental in advance.

For more information on yacht rental booking in Ibiza, you can contact our team of luxury concierge services in Ibiza.

How To Book Your Private Yacht In Ibiza

Policy of Cancelation

Another important factor to which you should pay attention before booking the yacht rental in Ibiza is the cancelation policy. You should note that the given touristy service is quite seasonal. This is because during the summer months, Ibiza is known to reveal its best face of tourism. In the given context, canceling policies without any cause can turn out quite strict.

It is recommended to check in advance the availability of the specific data of booking you select for minimizing the overall risks of potential problems. Indeed, if some event takes place (like poor weather conditions), you can easily reschedule your entire tour. Before you finalize the yacht rental in Ibiza, you should clear all possible doubts well in advance.

When you spend time researching, you will realize that Ibiza is indeed a paradise of sand and sea. There are several magical corners for you to discover in this beach heaven.


Decide on the Budget

Before even inquiring about Ibiza yacht rental services, you can have a conversation with the group you are traveling with and decide how much everyone is willing to invest per head. The investment per head will depend on the group’s size and the yacht’s capacity.

Prices for private yacht rentals in Ibiza might start from around €70 per person for a group of around 12 people on a luxury sunset yacht. It would include expenses for fuel, captain, and access to the free bar.

It can be said that the larger the group, the lower will be the total price per head. Moreover, the larger the yacht, the more it will take you to enjoy the trip. You are also expected to think about factors like the duration and timing of yacht rentals. The longer you will be on the charter, the more you will have to pay for the duration.

Prices for yacht rentals in Ibiza also tend to fluctuate –depending on the season. You can expect some heavily discounted prices during the months of April, May, and October.


Renting a yacht charter in Ibiza is one of the must-try experiences on your trip. Hire our luxury concierge services to know more.

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