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You can get world-class Ibiza Concierge Services with Club Bookers. This will be an overwhelming experience for you. At Club Bookers, we aim at providing unparalleled world class VIP services wherein you can be assured of experiencing nothing less than perfection.

Also referred to as the White Island, Ibiza provides an endless array of options for its tourists to enjoy themselves. Ibiza is famous all around the world for its rocking parties, some of the most scenic beaches across Europe, VIP clientele, and high-end venues. As a visitor, when you are exploring Ibiza, you can have one single goal -enjoying your time to the fullest in the most carefree manner. If you wish to achieve the same, you can always hire our professional VIP concierge services.

At Club Bookers Ibiza Concierge Services, we take care of everything to ensure that you have an unforgettable time in the famous beach city. Club Bookers Ibiza Concierge Services is delighted to offer expert assistance on some of the best villas of the city, high-end yachts and private boats, access to the top-end VIP nightclubs in the city, and much more. We are prepared to reveal to you some of the nicest and most scenic places in the beach city through our 24/7 VIP concierge services.

The ultimate goal at Club Bookers Ibiza is to assist our guests in everything that they require for a relaxed and comfortable vacation. We aim at saving our clients ample time as well as effort by delivering a comprehensive range of VIP concierge services as per the specific requirements of the clients. Our expert team ensures that everything is in order -from the moment you will reach out to us for professional assistance.

Our experienced team is based in Ibiza. Therefore, we assure the delivery of round-the-clock assistance for your VIP experience.

You can get world-class Ibiza Concierge Services with Club Bookers. This will be an overwhelming experience for you. At Club Bookers, we aim at providing unparalleled world class VIP services wherein you can be assured of experiencing nothing less than perfection. Also referred to as the White Island, Ibiza provides…View More

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    Our Ibiza Vip Services

    When you are looking for VIP table bookings at the most elite clubs in the world, we have got you covered through our exclusive concierge services. Live your ultimate nightlife dreams by ensuring table bookings through our concierge services. Through our 24/7 concierge services, we aim at providing the best-in-class table booking and bottle services to our guests all around the world. Once you arrive at the club, we have got you covered –right from the table bookings to bottle services, exclusive parties, DJ experiences, guestlist services, VIP personal services, and so more.


    When you are in Ibiza, you can come across a beautiful array of top-end villas and beach-side accommodations to enhance your stay. Club Bookers Ibiza has come forth with a lucrative range of some of the best high-end villas for luxury accommodation of our guests. The villas that we offer access to are well-equipped with proper air conditioning, Wi-Fi access, swimming pools, and so more.

    At Club Bookers Ibiza, our team of concierge experts offers the possibility of enhancing your experiences through add-on services -including the presence of top-rated chefs, babysitters, private transportation, yacht rentals, restaurant reservations, private security, and various other types of VIP services.

    Our luxury villa concierge service is specialized in offering tailor-made luxury services to cater to all your accommodation needs. Our vast portfolio of specialized luxury includes exclusive mansions, classic contemporary villas, and modern minimal designs. All our high-end villas and accommodations are situated within a strategic and comfortable distance along some of the most prominent areas of Ibiza.

    Sports Cars

    Ibiza serves to be one of the most glamorous and exotic party destinations across the globe. As such, you get the opportunity to arrive in style at the world-renowned beach clubs. You can also explore the most breathtaking roads with your own sports or luxury car.

    We have several years of relevant experience as well as reputed connections. This allows us to come across your dream car during your entire stay in Ibiza. What do you prefer? An elite SUV (like a Range Rover, Jaguar, or Porsche), or any other high-end model as your dream car. An exotic sports car like a Bentley, Maserati, Rolls Royce, and others will allow you to enjoy the exhilarating sense of ultimate freedom.

    For maximum flexibility during your stay in the city, you can rent your favorite sports car and head out whenever you want. From easy-to-use models to elite luxury models, drive around the island just the way you want to. In addition to improved flexibility, we also offer you the opportunity to hire a personal chauffeur having immense local knowledge. Discover our impressive range of luxury rental cars right now!

    Yachts & Boats

    Do you look forward to experiencing Ibiza with friends & family far from the hustle & bustle of the busy city? As a result, you can take an excursion along the scenic waves of the beautiful beach city. Looking to hire a luxury yacht or a private boat? Our exclusive yacht concierge services in Ibiza can ensure that your trip is a major success.

    Club Bookers Ibiza offers access to some of the most lavish and well-equipped yachts and private boats. As a result, you get unparalleled experience along the scenic bays and water bodies. Moreover, in Ibiza, you can enjoy the scenic beauty of the breathtaking beaches and thrilling cliffs. All this, from your luxury yacht. Right from standard yachts to mega yachts, sailboats, catamarans, and gulets, we offer an impressive fleet of the most luxurious yachts and boats for a great experience.

    Club Bookers Ibiza offers access to all-inclusive yacht and boat charters for our guests. Additionally, we also offer access to top-class food & drinks, private chefs, captains, crew, and a wide range of water-sport activities. You can rent a private yacht charter or a private boat in Ibiza and head over to Formentera. Our exclusive services range from large luxury yachts to small motor-based models for catering to your unique requirements.

    More VIP Ibiza Concierge Services

    When you are in Ibiza, you should know how to party. As a result, we have ample experience in delivering the best-ever private event experiences. As a result, we collaborate with some of the most exclusive private events and party productions. Moreover, we are capable of offering optimum excellence. We even provide VIP access to some of the best nightclubs and beach clubs. As a result, you can enjoy anywhere in the city. Moreover, you can also enjoy our exclusive red carpet services in Ibiza.

    We are a pioneer when it comes to delivering customized VIP packages as per your specific expectations. Moreover, we also organize the perfect way to transport you to the best-ever parties and events. As a result, you will be ant any event that keeps taking place in the city. Most importantly, our long-term collaborations with the best nightclub and beach club event managers. As a result, this makes it possible for you to enjoy front-stage VIP tables at a highly reasonable cost. Most importantly, with utmost attention without any need for negotiation.

    The leisure possibilities in Ibiza are endless. Moreover, our luxury VIP concierge service portfolio is also endless. Contact us now you ensure your reservations at the best VIP event right away!

    Our Worldwide Concierge Service includes.

    Yacht & Boat Hires

    Private Jet Reservations

    Sportscar Hires

    Access to special VIP Events

    Luxury Travel Arrangements

    Spa & Wellness Reservations

    Members Club Introductions

    Exclusive leisure activities

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