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Ibiza’s Latin Clubs

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The official shortlist of the top Latin clubs in Ibiza can be found on this page. (More detail is provided below.)

Are Latin rhythms in general, and dancing in particular, your thing? Ibiza is a fantastic club for salsa and Bachata, though. Thousands of partygoers visit the island every summer to dance the night away at some of the biggest and most renowned dance clubs in the world. Depending on the night-time event, you will be able to dance to Latin sounds like Reggaeton. Cuba is one of the nations with the most musical culture in the world, and they will demonstrate it with the best Latin sounds. What are Ibiza’s top Latin clubs? Here are the clubs that contributed to Ibiza’s reputation as a party island and as a dance destination. Amnesia, Pacha, DC-10, Ushuaia, Hi Ibiza, Sankeys, Cala Bassa Beach Club, and Swag Ibiza are just a few examples.

Ibiza's Latin Clubs

1. Ibiza Privilege

Ibiza's Latin Clubs

Ibiza should be the home of the “World’s Biggest Club,” if anywhere. Such richness, however, is insufficient to address the whole range of difficulties that position invariably entails. Due to its two colossal and exquisite venues, Privilege has room for all of its visitors. The Main Room is a sizable area with an aeroplane hangar-like appearance that could accommodate the majority of the other clubs in Ibiza. The Vista Club is an all-glass building with a magnificent view of Ibiza Town. People who enjoy electronic music have discovered a refuge within Privilege’s Vista Club. This club offers breathtaking views that no other club can match.

2. Amnesia Ibiza

Ibiza's Latin Clubs

Is it your desire to have a night that is out of the ordinary? I recommend adding Amnesia to your itinerary if this is the case. The club has all the allure of old Ibiza, yet with modern amenities. Known as the venue for cutting-edge performances and exhibitions by some of today’s most influential musicians, DJs, and artists. For years, the name “Amnesia” has been synonymous with nonstop, out-of-this-world parties for lovers of every style of music and dance.

3. Ibiza’s Es Paradis

As early as 1975, EsParadis began cultivating relationships with people who shared a passion for parties and all things revelry. Since this is our specialty, we are pleased to announce our status as club go-to specialists. The exquisite party experience is yours for the taking at EsParadis. EsParadis, one of the island’s oldest clubs, has become a cultural landmark due to its innovative and eye-catching decor. The mystical atmosphere within EsParadis is enhanced by the beautiful pyramidal design of the ceiling.


Ibiza has evolved into a destination club in and of itself, rather than just a location to get ready for parties. A wonderful fusion with the sole purpose of giving the general public a unique nightlife experience in Ibiza. Meet in places where you can continuously dance while listening to live music in some circumstances. Let us know your thought on our picks of Ibiza’s Top Latin Clubs.

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