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Ora nightclub Miami Bottle Service

The Ora nightclub in Miami has been a multi-million project with its bespoke interiors designed by the famous French designer named Francois Frossard. He is the mastermind behind the creation of the iconic nightclub Queen Paris. Ora club in Miami tries filling the void in the clubbing market by brining intense clubbing glamour back to the South Beach location in Miami with world-class hospitality & eclectic clubbing & lounging experiences. The club is known for featuring immense glamour & top-class service of the grand hotels that gets mixed with the bold modernity of the intense nightlife in the current scenario. At Ora nightclub in Miami, you can also expect the perfect combination of bespoke drinks & cocktails as the exclusive bottle service to its guests. Below you can find all you need to know about Ora Miami Bottle Service

Ora Miami Bottle Service

How much is the bottle services minimum spends at Ora, Miami?

The minimum spends for the bottle service at the Ora nightclub in Miami would depend on talent spinning and the number of guests in the event. However, you can still expect paying around $1K as the minimum rates for the exclusive bottle service offered at this high-end club. Expect the prices for the bottle service to fluctuate at times depending on the given night & the number of guests in your event.

How much is the drink price at Ora, Miami?

The Ora nightclub in Miami is known for offering a wide range of exotic drinks & cocktails for its guests. You can expect drinks & cocktails from the best brands like Grey Goose, Dom Perignon, Jameson, Patron, and so more at this top-class club. You must also note that the drink prices might vary at times.

How Can I book bottle services at Ora, Miami?

For ensuring yourself ultimate fun with the exclusive bottle service at Ora, fill out the online booking form or call us right away!

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