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12 rue de Presbourg 75116 Paris, France.

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L’Arc Paris Bottle Service and VIP Table Booking

With its focus on progressive interior design as well as its historical location, L’Arc Paris is the place to be. Located in one of the mansions fronting Arc de Triomphe, this legendary and world-famous nightclub offers its patrons an incredible view of nocturne Parisian life. The club perfectly expresses the most playful atmosphere without sacrificing the quintessence of luxury.

L’Arc Paris Information

L’Arc Club Address

The club is situated at 12 rue de Presbourg 75116 Paris, France. This fun and luxurious club has won the approval of jet setters from New York, LA, Moscow, London and Milan. The next time you visit France, you know where to go.

L’Arc Club Paris Entry Fee

To get in the club, expect to be charged € 25  just for the entrance fee. Note that this price does not include drinks. Remember, just like in any club, a smart attire and a good company will always help in ensuring your entry.

L’Arc Club Bottle Service

Getting inside the club by walking in will cost you € 25. Bottle service when you get inside starts at € 250. The club is equally divided by a dance floor and an area where you can sit at a table.

L’Arc Club Table Booking

L’Arc Paris Club is one of the most iconic Parisian clubs, getting a table can be possible if you call ahead of time. Club Bookers handles table reservations and guest listing for your planned night out. For a table of a group of 5, expect to pay € 1500 or up to € 6000 for a larger group of people.

L’Arc Club Dress Code

This legendary world-famous club emits a luxurious vibe. Needless to say, to gain entrance you should dress smartly to enjoy the Parisian nightlife. Experience an incredible view from the club’s panoramic garden terrace, get a vibe of Paris’ nocturne nightlife.


Opening Times

Thursday 11:55 pm To 6:00 am
Friday 11:55 pm To 6:00 am
Saturday 11:55 pm To 6:00 am

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