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Top 10 Nightclubs in Dubai

Just like everything grand Dubai has to offer, its vibrant nightlife scene is something that attracts thousands of tourists from across the corners of the world. From high-end clubs to amazing bars –the night-time entertainment options are limitless. When it comes to the vibrant nightlife in Dubai, it has so much to offer it terms of the late night clubbing scene. Some of the best nightclubs in Dubai are known to be hosting grand parties & events including DJ nights for your ultimate entertainment & fun. We will present to you the Top 10 night clubs in Dubai. In the emirates, there are several bars and nightclubs that await your presence. Just note that you are following the club rules and abiding by its strict dress code. Set out to have immense fun at some of the most happening and rocking nightclubs in the city. Here is our suggestion of the top nightclubs in Dubai for your eventful nightlife experience:

White Dubai

White Dubai This nightclub is the winner of the Time Out Club of the Year in Dubai for almost three years in a row. The White Dubai nightclub is one of the biggest and the most exclusive clubbing destinations in the beach city. Located on the rooftop of the top-class Meydan Racecourse Grandstand, the nightclub has been tucked away from the city. The amazing rooftop of the club offers a picturesque view of the beautiful skyline of the Dubai city. Usually open during the winter months (by mid September) as the cold weather hits Dubai, this nightclub is somewhere you would not like to miss out. The crowd at the club is a mix of both the locals and tourists from around the globe. The White Dubai serves to be a perfect place for all the partygoers looking out for some divine party experience in the town.

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Cirque Le Soir

Cirque Le Soir With the Monday night being the “Hip Hop Chic” special night at this eventful club, the Cirque Le Soir nightclub is a highly sought-after clubbing destination in the Emirates. Being awarded for its intense glamour and high-end clubbing atmosphere, the Cirque Le Soir is known of offering a unique clubbing experience to its guests. Located on the well-known Sheikh Zayed Road in Dubai, the extreme circus-themed club is some experience that you are not expected to miss out. Offering a perfect mix of freak and glamour, the club is usually booming with high-end A-listers and leading celebrities every night of the week. The club is also famous for offering differently themed nights for suiting all tastes of the clubbers. Everything right from EDM to hip hop, the live performers here are all ready to make the best nightlife experience for you.

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Cavalli Club

Cavalli Club Offering a clubbing classic experience in Dubai, the Cavalli Club in Dubai is the most famous go-to party destination in the emirates. The low-hanging chandeliers and the overall glamorous setting of the club make it a highly worthwhile clubbing destination in the city. The high-end clubbing features and amenities offered by the club make it one of the most exclusive and longest-running clubs in the emirates. The spectacular DJ sets and live shows happening around in the club tend to be a regular sight. You must make a note of the strict door policy of the club and make sure that you abide by the dress code of the nightclub. This will allow you to get an easy entry into the club.

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Mahiki Club An ultimate party destination in Dubai, the Mahiki nightclub is one of the most sought-after clubbing destinations in the beach city. With the spectacular Tiki décor and the exquisite fruit cocktails, you can be mesmerized by the overall feel of this high-end club. Following the great legacy of the world-famous Mahiki London, this nightclub in Dubai is the most famous nightspots in the city. Having opened its doors recently in 2011, the Mahiki Dubai aims at transporting you into a clubbing paradise. Located in the heart of the city in the world-renowned Jumeirah Beach Hote, this underground Polynesian haven takes you to a divine world like no other. With an open door policy, Mahiki Dubai takes pride in offering a fun-filled clubbing atmosphere to all those who are looking forward to an eventful nightlife experience in the city.

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Billionaire Mansion

Billionaire Mansion As the name of the club indicates, this club offers you the best shot in partying like a billionaire in the emirates. Launched recently in 2016, the Billionaire Mansion offers a spectacular combination of exquisite drinks, fine dining, and intense clubbing experience in the city. A complete party atmosphere –you get to unwind yourself in the divine club environment. You can wait for the highly specialized “The List” –a top-class urban night that is held every Sunday –your evening at the Billionaire Mansion in Dubai can be a memorable one. When you are headed to the classic nightclub in Dubai, make sure you have made advance reservations for the best-in-class VIP tables out there. Also, you must follow the strict door policy including the dress code and age restriction for getting an easy entry to this nightclub.

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Gotha Gotha Club comes out to be the hottest, all-new clubbing destination in the Emirates. Located in the recently-launched Radisson Blu over the Dubai Waterfront, the Gotha Club aims at ensuring a high-end clubbing experience to its guests. The Gotha Club has created quite a stir in the nightlife scene in the city by hosting some of the craziest and the most happening parties & ev events in its premises. When you visit the Gotha Club, you will be delivered an epic clubbing environment featuring breathtaking animations and intense live entertainment. Being an extension of the style and elegance emanated by the amazing nightlife scene in Dubai, the Gotha Club encompasses the essence of immense sophistication with ready-to-go partying trends offered to its guests. Therefore, if you are looking for some everlasting partying & clubbing feel in the beach city, a visit to the Gotha Club could be an ultimate feeling.

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Sensation The Sensation nightclub in Dubai is an award-winning, top clubbing destination in the emirates. If you are club-lover and enjoy partying around late into the hottest city clubs, then the Sensation nightclub in Dubai is a perfect clubbing haven for you. Featuring excellent décor and high-end clubbing features, you can groove all through your night in this high-end club. The Sensation nightclub in Dubai features three separate bars that are known for serving highly inventive, exotic cocktails and drinks that suit your clubbing needs. Additionally, there are four dance podiums that allow the guests to party hard all night long. With a wide range of music tracks played along by the top, leading DJs of the town, you are in for some remarkable clubbing experience in this nightclub.

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Boudoir The funky décor, special guests, and special high-end treatment for the female guests present here –all of these factors make Boudoir a popular party & clubbing destination in Dubai. Couples and those who are dressed to perfection for a fun clubbing night are always preferred by the club staff towards allowing the ease of entry into this amazing club. The musical events happening around in the club tend to differ almost every day with each music event that has been dedicated to a different genre of music. Ladies at the Boudoir nightclub receive complimentary exquisite champagne and other cocktails on special days. Be prepared to get yourself lost in the intense glamour of this top-class nightclub in Dubai.

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Zero Gravity

Zero Gravity Zero Gravity is the all-new, trendiest nightclub in Dubai featuring several high-end clubbing specifications for its elite guests. The Zero Gravity nightclub in Dubai boasts the presence of a unique clubbing space that allows the guests to gather together, enjoy the multi-cuisines and drool over the highly inventive, exotic drinks & cocktails from the corners of the globe. Zero Gravity nightclub in Dubai offers a perfect clubbing space for the youngsters, couples, and those who wish to enjoy a memorable nightlife experience in the Emirates. A visit to the lounge area of the Zero Gravity nightclub is another divine experience of its own rendering a peek into the dazzling nightlife scene of Dubai. The brand-new, glass-fronted, 39-meter nightclub also features the classic Infinity Pool which makes this nightclub stand out from the rest. Transitioning from day to night in this super club is always fun as you will be overwhelmed with its changing facilities.

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People by Crystal

People by Crystal Located in the high-end landmark of Dubai in Raffles Hotel, the People of Crystal nightclub is the old-school favorite for both the locals and tourists alike. Getting entry into the club might be a hassle. However, you can ensure yourself a fun night into the club by making advance table reservations. Open for three days a week, the People by Crystal is a nightclub offering a pleasing experience to match everyone’s needs.

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Make sure that you have the most eventful nightlife experience in Dubai by visiting these top clubs!


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