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Top 5 Star Hotels in Dubai

Amidst its stunning desert landscape and gravity-defying skyscrapers, Dubai is undoubtedly a dazzling metropolis. The city is capable of blending perfectly the past and the present for achieving the electrifying effect while offering something for everyone.
You can even think of indulging in a classic shopping spree at the world-famous Dubai Mall. It is the second largest shopping mall in the world. Moreover, the city offers you the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to gaze over the skyline of the majestic city from the 148th floor of the majestic Burj Khalifa –the tallest building on the planet. To help you plan out the perfect luxury holiday in Dubai, we help you with 24/7 luxury concierge services. You can contact us round-the-clock and we are available throughout for your assistance.

Top 5 Star Hotels in Dubai

In addition to a myriad of man-made beauty and natural landscapes, Dubai also remains synonymous with luxury resorts and hotels. There is no denying the fact that Dubai is the dream destination for luxury travelers out there. We help you decide the top 5 star hotels in Dubai for unmatched luxury and relaxation.

Top 5 Star Hotels in Dubai


Shaped as a sail and a major landmark in the city, Burj Al Arab has been regarded as the first-ever 7-star property in the world. With a number of contenders in the luxury market of Dubai, those that remain the top in the list of the best hotels in Dubai have managed to specify global benchmarks in terms of the overall hospitality. Grand tour transfers and helipads are just not enough to stand out. The little things tend to make the final decision.
Nature Bisse bath products you receive at Mandarin Oriental Jumeirah and cashmere blankets you get to snuggle in at Bulgari Dubai can be regarded as some of the assets that help in furnishing rooms that many wish they could call their homes.

Some of the top 5 star hotels in Dubai you must experience are:

Burj Al Arab

Top 5 Star Hotels in Dubai

It is one of the most expensive hotels on the list of the top 5 star hotels in Dubai. The spot is well-deserved in several aspects. The ultimate uniqueness of the hotel is obvious from the moment you will be setting your eyes on the majestic monument. The hotel’s exterior has been designed in the shape of a massive sail that rises several thousand feet into the sky.
To top it all, the hotel has been designed on an artificial island. The island remains connected to the main city with the help of a causeway. There is no denying the fact that Burj Al Arab is a grand display of bespoke modern architecture.

As nights turn up, the hotel gets lit up in multiple different colors. The best part is that the overall opulence gets carried well into the hotel’s interiors as well. The atrium of the hotel is surrounded on either side by impressive golden pillars that enhance the overall ambiance. The 7-star suite of the hotel is accentuated with the presence of elaborate stairways made out of gold and exquisite marble. The beds of the hotel are positioned into rotating pedestals. From the bed itself, you can get bespoke 360-degree views of the entire skyline of the city.
In terms of the location of the hotel, it is just 15kms from Downtown Dubai and 25kms from the Airport. However, the hotel remains in close vicinity to other famous landmarks in the city including the Wild Wadi Waterpark and the Madinat Jumeirah.


One&Only The Palm Dubai

The lavish hotel is situated on the western front of The Palm. The world-famous boutique hotel is regarded as the ideal destination for those valuing sheer beauty and elegance, while also relishing quietude and peace. You can think of reaching mainland Dubai with the help of a taxi. It will take around 30 minutes. Still, the overall locational hassle is completely worthwhile when you take into consideration the unparalleled views of the entire Dubai Marina and the waterfronts of the Jumeirah Beach Residence.

The hotel is known to feature the bespoke sandstone-colored palette throughout. The architecture of the hotel has been designed in the exclusive Andalusian and Moorish styling. Therefore, you can come across striking geometric patterns in the overall design. Moreover, there is also the presence of extravagant pavilions, impressive fountains, and so more. Even with the immense grandness of the hotel, it feels like a boutique hotel with as many as 90 rooms. There are four other additional villas that are surrounded by lush greenery.
The rooms at The Palm Dubai are some of the largest rooms that are offered by any luxury hotel in the entire city. However, all of the rooms feature lavish balconies as well as terraces. The suites in the hotel’s premises have private plunge pools as well. The rooms of the hotel are designed explicitly while featuring bronze and cream color palette in addition to the rich wooden aesthetic throughout.

The premises of the hotel also feature a French fine-dining restaurant having the presence of staff members that are handpicked from the Michelin-starred restaurants in France.


Jumeirah Beach Hotel

It is yet another luxury five-star hotel in Dubai. Jumeirah is situated quite close to Burj Al Arab. It is located just across the beach from the famous hotel. The location of the hotel remains quite fortunate as you will be just 10 minutes of walking from the famous Madinat Jumeirah. It is one of the most extravagant shopping destinations in the entire city.
The Jumeirah Beach Hotel is available as a popular resort hotel spread across 26 storeys. The hotel was designed in 1997. It is designed in the shape of breaking waves. Therefore, it serves to be a compliment to the modern architecture of the Burj Al Arab. The overall design of the hotel is charming and sleek. The hotel also offers access to a wide range of high-end amenities including as many as 6 on-site swimming pools and an impressive number of 21 top-class restaurants that you get to choose from.
The restaurants here offer a gastronomical combination of exquisite dishes and cuisines. As such, whichever corner of the world you might be from, there are ample opportunities for you to relish upon.


Raffles Dubai

Top 5 Star Hotels in Dubai

The luxurious hotel is located centrally in Oud Metha. It is one of the most exciting locations in Dubai. However, it tends to be well-connected while serving as perfect for guests who are searching for ample relaxation and solitude. In its vicinity, you will come across the famous malls of the Sheikh Zayed Road. Moreover, you will also be at a walking distance of the famous Financial District in Dubai.

Creekside Park serves to be an attraction spot that remains close to the hotel. Moreover, the hotel also remains well-connected to the airport which is just 15 minutes away. The hotel follows an Egyptian architecture as it is shaped in the form of pyramids. In addition to the exteriors, the interiors of the lavish hotel are highly intricate and ornate. The hotel’s interior is also extravagant as it features ottoman-style couches and sofas along with other types of furnishings.

The rooms of the hotel are not as heavy on the overall theme. All the guests are offered access to the 24/7 butler service. One of the most contemporary rooms of the hotel is the Penthouse Suite. It offers access to highly aesthetic Oriental accents. To top it all, the hotel has the presence of ample handcrafted details. These are the Mashrabiya technique that is utilized on shutters and doors of bathrooms. Additionally, the rooms are highly spacious featuring private terraces.


Armani Hotel Dubai

The highly renowned and luxury hotel is made in the name of the popular fashion designer. It is located in the cultural heart of the city –the Burj Khalifa. The boutique hotel is known to occupy multiple floors in the world-famous building. The hotel remains well-connected to the Dubai Mall. Its view offers exclusive sights like the Souk Al Bahar, Dubai Opera House, and the Dubai Fountain.

If you wish to be away from the especially crowded areas of the neighborhood, you can get access to the Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard. It is the primary location for trendy restaurants, cafes, and some amazing luxury car watching experiences. The hotel has been designed by Giorgio Armani. Therefore, the entire hotel premise is usually minimalist and chic in the overall style.
The design of the hotel features Eramosa marble-centric floors. Moreover, flower arrangements of the hotel are prohibited from always displaying two colors in a single flower vase. There is the presence of additional amenities including a luxury spa, an arrow-shaped pool, soothing music, and sun trap terrace.


Whether you are visiting Dubai for the first time or several times, you can consider staying at a lavish 5-star hotel in the city. These hotels deliver you the once-in-a-lifetime experience of utmost extravagance and elegance.


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