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Top Dubai Yacht Rentals

Do you wish to indulge in true luxury in Dubai? Renting a private yacht charter in the city can be one of the most unforgettable moments of your life. To enhance your search, we bring forth top 10 Dubai yacht rentals to allow you to have maximum fun and relaxation altogether.

As the tropical season of the area remains in its full swing throughout the year, an increasing number of people turn to outdoor water-based activities to have great fun and beat the heat of the season. While most people prefer heading to the cool of the indoor venues, it might not be everyone’s cup of tea. If you are an outdoor-lover and prefer spending time having fun, you can think of renting a private yacht charter for your upcoming holidays in the Gulf. For this, we have prepared a list of the top 10 Dubai yacht rentals you can consider.


Top Dubai Yacht Rentals

The best part is that when you are searching for a high-end, luxury yacht rental, you can come across a number of options available for your personalized entertainment. As far as the overall costs of renting a yacht charter in Dubai is concerned, it will ultimately depend on the particular yacht model and the amenities you choose for your leisure. Moreover, you can also come across leading yacht rental companies in Dubai offering access to specialized discounts and offers.

With a private yacht charter, you can simply sit back and enjoy bespoke views of the amazing skyline of the entire gulf city. From a comfortable yacht in Dubai, you get to observe breathtaking views of some of the most famous landmarks all around –including the Burj Khalifa, the Atlantis, the Dubai Marina, Jumeirah, Burj Al Arab, and so more. You also get the opportunity to swim across the immensely beautiful and scenic Blue Lagoon of the City of Gold.

For your overall ease, we bring forth a comprehensive range of high-end luxury private yacht concierge services in Dubai. For your next top-class trip to Dubai, you can book luxury yacht charters from us. We are available 24/7 for your assistance.

If you are keen on exploring Dubai through the sea and its glorious waters, you can easily charter a yacht or a boat while planning your itinerary with a luxury yacht rental Dubai services. We can help you ensure bookings with the same through our private luxury concierge services.

Some of the additional services you can come across are access to adventure-filled water sports, private venue hire, and much more. Some of the interesting water sports you can enjoy are inflatable donut riding, banana riding, parasailing, and so more.

Most companies offer access to both affordable yacht rentals and top-class, luxury models. Every vessel in the fleet has its own captain and well-trained crew. Therefore, you can look forward to enjoying the comfortable and enjoyable cruise along the mesmerizing waters of the Blue Lagoon.


Different Types of Yachts for Luxury Adventures



You can search for the top 10 Dubai yacht rentals by knowing about the different types of yachts that vary by size, purpose, and style. Some of the common types to observe are:

    Sailing Yacht: The sailing yacht is one of the most conventional types of yachts. Sailing a ship with the help of only winds and the sails is an exciting experience. There are different types of yachts you can choose from. The modern yachts have dedicated sails. But, they have modern instruments for making navigation and sailing easier. You will easily come across a sailing yacht that will suit your preferences.

    Just know about what type of experience you want for the sail. Based on the same, you can choose the right type of sailing yachts. Once you have gone through all the options, you can come across the perfect sailing experience for your journey in Dubai.

    Expedition Yacht: You can also come across leading expedition yachts for random pleasure weekends in Dubai. They are capable of working just fine for all types of adventures. However, they can work excellently for longer journeys. The yachts are capable of sailing for longer periods while being self-sufficient as well. It is important for individuals who aim at going on longer sea voyages across the globe.
    Expedition yachts are amazingly powerful. If you have the chance to sail an expedition yacht, you will be definitely impressed with it. The ships are capable of running quite efficiently. They make great use of the available resources available for completing longer journeys without any hassle. Vessels like these make it simpler for individuals for staying out longer at sea for longer periods.

    One of the major benefits of expedition yachts on such a longer journey is that you do not have to worry about sacrificing your comforts in any way. The yachts can be loaded with everything you require for being entertained as well as happy on a long voyage. The luxury ships are capable of combining practicality and efficiency with all the luxuries you can enjoy.

    Motor Yacht: A motor yacht can be regarded as the modern version of sailing yachts that everyone loves and enjoys. The given variants of yachts are amongst the most common variants. They are great to be used for private parties and casual getaways at the same time. In most cases, people consider chartering these modern yachts for special occasions for allowing you to have a great time.
    When most people think of chartering a private yacht, they think of party yachts or vessels. Most companies chartering out such vessels make use of the same for upscale parties. These ships are made just the right size for hosting a fairly-sized group of party lovers. You can look forward to having a great time if you wish to enjoy a special time out on the waters in one of the motor yachts.

    Yachts like these mostly feature all sorts of fun aspects for people to enjoy. It is not uncommon for these vessels to feature dance floors, hot tubs, bars, swimming pools, and much more. If you wish to make your next birthday party fun-filled in Dubai, then chartering a motor yacht can be your best bet. It can indeed help you in creating memorable moments.

    Classic Yacht: These yachts are yachts that were designed in the past. Some individuals might have different standards and definitions for what would make a yacht classic. The older the vessel is, the more classic it is considered. These yachts were built during the time of 1920s or even earlier and are vintage pieces.

    You can come across classic yachts in Dubai for having a great time there. A classic yacht will have a specific feeling to it that you might not get while being on the modern ship. The classic versions of vessels are mostly made out of wood. Some of these are made out of steel.

    In most cases, these yacht models are totally handcrafted. There is a belief that the handcrafted nature of the given models is what ultimately delivers the unique charm. These ships have a great aura and exude a sense of immense luxury throughout. In some cases, the interiors of the yacht are kept the same as that of the year they were manufactured.

    Fishing Yacht: Do you wish to go on a fishing excursion on your next vacation to Dubai? You can rent a classic fishing yacht. These vessels are specifically designed for individuals who would like to indulge in a fun-filled fishing yacht. If you wish to enjoy fishing as a recreational activity in Dubai, then you can opt for a luxurious fishing yacht in Dubai.

    The vessels are designed for a casual fishing experience. Some individuals also make use of fishing yachts for going on amazing adventures throughout. Whatever you decide, you can make use of a fishing yacht to enhance your overall experience in the city.

    On such vessels, you will get access to standard luxuries –just like any other yacht model. These models are also great for those looking forward to enjoying a great party. One of the additional benefits is that these models are designed in the manner that is conducive to fishing. You can easily access the waters while potentially hauling in some potential catches.

    The fishing vessel will also have ample storage for fishing gear. When people choose a dedicated fishing vessel, it will sometimes be available with all important gear needed for a great fishing experience. You should check with the owners ahead of time such that you know what all you should bring with you.



As Dubai is a coastal zone, there is no shortage of high-end water-related activities and experiences. One such experience you must not miss out is renting a luxury yacht charter for your group. Whether you celebrate a birthday party or simply enjoy the breathtaking skyline of the majestic city, a reliable yacht charter rental service provider in Dubai will take care of all your needs.

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