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House, Pop


Smart Casuals



Work hours

11:00 PM - 05:00 AM


2000 Lincoln Road Miami Beach 33139 Miami, United States

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Ora Miami Bottle Service and VIP Table Booking

Inspired by the great nightlife moments in the past, Ora promises to give a mixture of the true VIP and exclusivity that Miami nightlife was known for in the past and the modernity of the current nightlife scene. Conceptualized and managed by a group of nightlife veterans, Ora Miami took over the closed Adore nightclub. Designed by a renowned French designer, this chic venue aims to fill the void in the nightlife market in the area and bring the glamour back to South Beach. The ambience in the venue is that of a chic cocktail lounge atmosphere where there are “drink butlers” to make sure that your drinks are always full. Service will be different from other nightclubs – you will be greeted in your car with an umbrella, your martini will be hand shaken at your table, and you can dance with friends comfortably without the usual push and shove that we experience in packed clubs.

Ora Club Miami Information

What is the address for Ora?

Ora Nightclub is located at 2000 Collins Avenue, Miami Beach. You can also visit some nice restaurants located nearby like the Sasparilla, or go to the famous South Beach for some beach fun.

What is the entry fee for Ora?

Ora does not charge any entrance fee, except for some special events where ticket prices vary. Snoop Dogg’s New Year Event costs $ 200 per ticket that includes a 2 hour open bar. Otherwise, you can just order drinks, enjoy the night and pay afterwards.

How can I get on the guestlist of Ora?

The door policy of Ora in Miami is quite strict, so you can book with Club Bookers for a hassle free experience.

How is the Bottle Service at Ora Miami?

Bottle and table service vary depending on the event being held at the club. Be updated in the coming events and happenings at Ora by booking at Club Bookers.

What is the dress code for Ora Miami?

Due to the upscale and exclusive ambience of the club, it observes a strict dress code policy. You can wear smart, trendy and casual attire to be allowed entry to one of the best night clubs in Miami.

Opening Times

Tuesday 11:00 pm To 5:00 am
Wednesday 11:00 pm To 5:00 am
Thursday 11:00 pm To 5:00 am
Friday 11:00 pm To 5:00 am
Saturday 11:00 pm To 5:00 am
Sunday 11:00 pm To 5:00 am

Upcoming Events

Floor plan

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No Title

Rated 5 out of 5
March 13, 2022

We found this to be the best spot in Miami. The drinks were excellent and the prices were better than any other venues we have visited.


No Title

Rated 4 out of 5
March 13, 2022

Even though there weren’t many people in line, we stood in line for so long. Once inside, the place was nice. Overall, a good time.


No Title

Rated 5 out of 5
March 13, 2022

I like this place, but it gets very crowded and it is a bit challenging to get in without having a table reservation.



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